Digioh App Marketplace

Digioh has many apps that you can install to extend its functionality for different use cases. These are created by the Digioh team and our power users. If you have an app you’d like to share, are a potential app partner, or have a new app suggestion, let us know at support@digioh.com.

Here’s a comprehensive list of available apps.

App #10: Prevent Common Email Typos

This app adds extra validation to the email form field (or specific custom fields) that rejects syntactically valid but clearly erroneous email domains, such as @gogglemail.com, @yaho.com, etc.

App #11: US zip code validation

Ensures that a specific form input is a syntactically valid US zip code (5 digit number).

App #22: Google Tag Manager Box Events

If you use Google Tag Manager (GTM), this app is ideal for tracking Digioh box interactions into any third-party system (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, etc).

App #47: Google Tag Manager Metadata Controller

This is a more advanced version of #22, allowing finer-grained control over events and variables.

App #26: Google Analytics Event Tracking

If you use Google Tag Manager, we recommend using #22 or #47. Otherwise, you can use this app that tracks directly to Google Analytics.

App #35: Embed Calendly Scheduler

This app embeds Calendly inside a Digioh box, e.g. for Exit-Intent lightboxes or Boxes that trigger on a button click.

App #37: Embed Chili Piper

This app embeds Chili Piper Concierge within one or more Boxes, similarly to the Calendly app #35.

App #40: Dynamic Merge Tag from Form Submissions

Replace a merge tag across entire box based on user form input. This is useful for “recall” personalization, e.g. referring to the user by name.

App #41: Map Custom Fields

This app allows you to set the value of a custom field based on the value of another custom field. This can be useful for setting conditional values in form submissions based on other boxes, or prior form field values in progressive forms.

App #45: Box Auto Close

Automatically close boxes after configurable number of seconds if no user interaction.

App #46: Real-time phone number formatting (USA)

Format phone numbers at time of input, making it impossible to submit a syntactically-invalid US phone number.

App #48: Conditional Integrations

Activate integrations for specific Box page forms based on submission data. For example, in a lead form, perhaps you want to route to either an SDR or Sales Director based on “number of employees” declared in the form. This app can send the lead to different Digioh integrations.

App #50: Segment Track and Traits

This is Digioh’s standard integration app for Segment. You can track events to Segment and set traits on users, configured using Box metadata. If you have the Segment Persona API, this app also supports targeting Digioh Boxes on traits.

App #52: Dynamic Page Change Override

Override form submit or button action change pages based on form submit data, using metadata. Useful for “branching” user experience based on user selections.

App# 55: Send SMS Messages

Configure buttons to trigger Android or iOS SMS messaging apps with a configurable phone number and message. Note that Digioh does not receive or process these messages. Your email/SMS platform must support receipt and processing of SMS.

App #44: Dynamic Box Page Transitions

Override form submit or button action change pages based on form submit data. Works with the current Box (progressive forms) and prior submissions from other Boxes.

App #6: Click to Copy Button

Create a button that copies the content of other text like coupon text or copy its own text based on metadata.

App #58: Dynamic Back Buttons

Configure buttons that automatically change to the previously viewed page, without having to link them. This app is especially useful when used in conjunction with App #52: Dynamic Page Change Override, since when using dynamic page changes there may be no single “previous” page you can configure statically.

App #60: Country Drop Down

Automatically populate country and state dropdowns fields controlled by metadata, so you don’t have to manually enter 200+ countries!

App #61: Universal Merge Tags

Adds support for tags like [COUNTRY] and [CUSTOM_1] everywhere in the Box Editor.

App #62: Improved Error Bubbles

Enables adjusting of the vertical size of error bubbles, in addition to word wrap for longer messages.

App #66: Multi-Select All and None of Above Buttons

Configure groups of multi-select buttons that can be turned on and off together. Great for “select all that apply” use cases.

App #73: Breakpoint Difference Analyzer

In preview mode only, displays differences between main and breakpoint versions. This is useful for “always on” QA of boxes with one or more breakpoints, where differences in metadata or field configuration can result in inconsistent behavior.

App #75: Targeting hour of day in Box Conditions

Digioh native conditions allow targeting of specific dates or ranges. This app creates hh24 and hh24et variables so that you can also target the hour of day with a JavaScript Variable Condition.

App #76: Scrolling Controller

Automatically scroll inline boxes to top and/or prevent page scrolling behind lightbox boxes.

App #77: Page Background Image Dynamic Replacement

Configure metadata to change / personalize the background image of a page based on prior form submission values.

App #2: Single-Page-App Support

Auto-triggers re-evaluation of box conditions on SPA page transitions (i.e. when the URL changes in the address bar). Install this when you want Digioh to treat “logical” page transitions as “physical” page transitions, counting page views and re-evaluating conditions to potentially display Boxes. If you’re not sure if your site is SPA, this app won’t hurt either way. If your site is built with “React”, or “AngularJS”, then it’s an SPA.

App #80: Hidden URL Loads

Load a URL in the background to perform some action, then change the URL for a redirect. Ideal for Add-to-Cart use cases.

App #81: Dynamic Images

Replace image src on img elements or background on pages, button; based on form submission data. Supports numeric ranges.

App #81: Randomize Dropdown Options

Ideal for surveys, randomize dropdown options with every display of the box.

App #69: Convert Date to Years Or Months

Convert date to years or months. Valid on date picker fields only.

App #74: Box Diagnostics

For QA purposes, you can dump a CSV of all field settings and page transitions by adding ?diagnostics to a URL for your site that shows the box, or set box metadata diagnostics=true for diagnostics in Box Previews.

App #59: Form Auto Submit

Automatically submits form on changing to page, controlled by metadata. Supports default integration or specific integration IDs, and clearing of dataLayer.

App #25: Click to Call Button

Configure buttons so that open the telephone app with a number of your choosing.

App #: Restrict Box Simultaneous Display

With master rule “Allow multiple boxes to be displayed simultaneously” enabled, this app adds back flexible controls for simultaneous display.