How do I automatically setup code to send an SMS message?

Digioh App Marketplace

If you want to automatically set up Boxes send an SMS message to a phone number, there’s an app for that named Send SMS Message. This app implements a “2 tap SMS Signup” that you can use to have users opt in to communications without typing anything into a form field.

The main features of the app:

  • The app will set a Phone number and a Message through Meta fields.
  • The user will set a Meta key on a button as well.
  • On button click, The message body and recipient field of the phone will be automatically filled by the Meta fields Phone no and Message value.


NOTE: This app only works on iOS and android, so for any boxes using this app we recommend including Box Conditions as follows.

Step 1: From the profile menu top right click on “Custom Javascript (Apps)”

Step 2: Install the “Send SMS Message” app one time. All your boxes can now use the feature.

Step 3: For activating the app feature,

  • Open the box and in the Editor section.

  • Scroll down to the Box Setting section Click on the Widget button it will open a list of box widget settings.

  • At the bottom of the screen enter the metadata fields that are listed in the below table.
Metadata Field Value Description Required/Optional
sms_phone_no +1234567890 Phone number Where message will be sent Required
sms_message Hello World SMS message Body Required

  • Select button in the Box design editor. Add the following meta field in the button setting section. When the user clicks on this button it will send the message.
Metadata Field Value Description Required/Optional
sms_submit_button true Add send SMS function to Button Required

That’s all Send SMS Message is ready to go!


We’re here to help! Contact to ask for help. Thanks for reading.