How to Embed a Calendly Meeting Scheduler in a Digioh Box

Digioh App Marketplace

You can easily embed a Calendly widget within a Digioh Box. This is great for stronger conversion after submitting a lead form or demo request.

You’ll need your Calendly URL, it looks like this:

1. Go to Custom JS (Apps) and install “Download External JavaScript” app. (You can skip this step for additional boxes.)

Digioh custom JavaScript apps

2. Install “Embed Calendly Scheduler” app, with your Calendly URL and the Box ID where you want to embed Calendly.

Custom JavaScript app for embedding a Calendly Scheduler in Digioh forms

3. If you will be using Box Preview, you should Publish now to ensure the apps are fully activated.

4. Assuming you already have the Box Main Page form completed, add an Extra Page or Thank You Page for Calendly.

5. Create an HTML block for Calendly. Resize it in the UI as you wish, and add any extra text or buttons around the block. Note that the Calendly box does not appear while in the editor or in Digioh preview; it will display only when live on your site.

Digioh form editor with Calendly embed code added to the custom HTML section

6. In the HTML block, paste this placeholder to help Calendly embed:

7. (Optional) By default, Digioh will pass any utm parameters to Calendly to preserve attribution. If Calendly could display on a page other than the landing page, we suggest you also install the Digioh app “Preserve UTM Parameters in Cookies”, so that utms are carried from page to page. You only need to do this once.

Done! Calendly will display on the page, and it will prepopulate name and email from the initial form.