Validate Zip Code Input

Digioh App Marketplace

If you are collecting US Zip Code in Digioh forms, you may want to enforce input validation that it is a 5 digit number. If so, install App #11: US zip code validation, from the profile menu top right, “Custom JS (Apps)”.

Then, you can configure validation for the specific custom field you are using for Zip:

This app works in addition to Digioh native validation. The app will honor the field “Required” setting and not try to validate an empty field, and if you enter something for “Error Text” (in green) then the app will use that.

If you want a different error message for required, e.g. “Zip Code is Required”, vs. invalid e.g. “Please enter a 5 digit zip code”, then you can also configure metadata zip_validate_error.

  • zip_validate=true: enable the app for this field
  • zip_validate_error=error text: show this error on validation failure
  • Error Text: app will use this error if no zip_validate_error
  • “Please Enter a Valid 5 digit Zip Code”: default error if neither Error Text or zip_validate_error is configured

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