The Box Auto Close / Change Page App

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Sometimes you may have users who are ignoring your box so you want to close it automatically after a number of seconds. Or you may want to automatically close the thank you page after a user has been idle for a few seconds on it. There’s an app for that. From the account menu in the top right, click on Custom JS (Apps).

Install the app “Box Auto Close / Change Page”

To automatically close boxes, add the Widget metadata auto_close_secs = <seconds> to automatically close after the configured number of seconds if there is no user interaction with the box:


Alternatively, if you want to configure only a specific page to close after a user has been idle, or if you want to have a page that automatically transitions to another, you can add the following Page Metadata on the desired page:

idle_timer_action = <seconds>:<action>

With this syntax, replace <seconds> with the desired number of idle seconds before the action is taken. For the <action>, you can use either “close” if you want to close the box, or you can provide a page number (e.g. “main”, “thx”, “ep1” etc.) and the box will automatically transition to that page:




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