How to control multiple boxes displaying simultaneously

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By default, Digioh will not allow multiple boxes to display at the same time (with the exception of Inline Boxes). If Box Conditions pass for two boxes, say, then the highest priority box will show first, and when closed the second box will show. If this is not what you want, you can turn on the Master Rule to “Allow multiple boxes to be displayed simultaneously” and both boxes will display.

However, this will allow potentially problematical situations like two lightboxes displaying over each other, and doesn’t allow for fine grained control. If you want to prevent lightbox overlap, and optionally control individual boxes potential for multi-display, you can do this with an app. First, set your master rule to “Allow multiple boxes to be displayed simultaneously”. Then, head over to Custom JS (Apps) and install “Restrict Box Simultaneous Display”.

The master rule turns off all restrictions, and the app adds back more flexible restrictions.

After install and publish, this app will prevent two lightboxes from ever displaying simultaneously on a page. And, you can control display restrictions at the box level with a metadata command: multidisplay_restrict : true

Any box configured with Box (Widget) metadata multidisplay_restrict will:

1) Prevent this box from displaying when another box is open
2) Prevent any other box from displaying when this box is open

Note that Inline boxes are exempt from this, configuring restrictions will have no effect.

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