QA Tools: Box Diagnostics

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With complex Digioh Boxes, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of field configurations and page flow. We created a Diagnostic tool to help view this information at a high level, by exporting a Diagnostic CSV you can view in Excel or Google Docs.

To use this feature, install App #74: Box Diagnostics. From your profile menu top right, select Custom JS (Apps), then find and install the app under the “Available” tab.

This will activate an automatic download of CSV diagnostics for Box Previews:

If you want to activate diagnostics on a live box, add ?diagnostics on the query string of a live URL. Note that real users on your site will never see this diagnostic download, it can only be triggered in Box Preview or with this special query string.

Understanding Digioh Box Diagnostics

Diagnostics are split into two sections. Field Diagnostics (yellow) is a comprehensive list of all form input fields and their possible values. Flow Diagnostics (green) shows all possible page transitions and how they transition.

With page transitions, it may refer to Extra Page 1, say, as “ep1”, or “extra_page_1”. If there are multiple values separated by a pipe (|) that means the page can route to either, and usually indicates the configuration of a dynamic branching app, e.g. alt_page_out.