Digioh Integration Basics

In a nutshell, Digioh Integrations map Digioh form data into a format that can be sent to one of hundreds of third-party systems, like your email/SMS platform, CRM, CDP, BI systems, or really anything with a database. Integrations also store any API credentials securely on our server; these are never exposed to the Internet.

Digioh Integration High Level

For all Digioh form submissions, data flows back to the Digioh server in a standard format. With an Integration, which runs on the Digioh server, you can then configure where this data is forwarded (i.e. an API endpoint) and how it is transformed (i.e. how Digioh data fields map to data fields in the 3rd party system). We provide hundreds of ready-to-go integration templates and tools to easily create new integrations for your custom in-house systems, if needed.

You can create any number of Integrations, which you can assign to any number of Digioh Boxes, and Boxes can have more than one Integration (e.g. for sending data to multiple 3rd party systems or subscribing to multiple email lists). Usually, for email signups you’ll need a distinct Integration for each list where you want to add the email. For Boxes with multiple Integrations assigned, they will run sequentially in the order shown. Integration order can be important when, for example, you need separate API calls to create an email record, then add it to a specific list.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, we have many Integration templates that make this simple. Chances are that Digioh already has a turnkey Integration for your Email Platform (or other system).

Integration Templates and Merge Tags

Generally, Digioh pre-built Integrations separate into two categories: Field Mapped and JSON template.

With field mapped, you add explicit mappings for each form field to a specific field in your system:

JSON templates are a bit more technical, and require you to edit JSON using Digioh Merge Tags:

When working with JSON, it’s important to make sure that the syntax is valid. We recommend JSON Lint for validation.

Here’s a complete list of all the Merge Tags you can use in your Integrations.

The Digioh team is happy to help you get this set up. Don’t struggle! Just reach out to us at contact@digioh.com.