Selected platform upgrades, enhancements, and fixes. If you have any questions about particular updates, contact us here.

May 2024

  • Enhancement: Digioh Hosted Quiz Results:
    • In addition to Shopify, any CSV/GSheet based quiz can also use this feature
    • Caching and fallback to product file data if live product data unavailable
    • Currency formats have been added for prices
  • Enhancement: Image Optimizations when uploading. Images are now run through TinyPNG to reduce overall size and improve box performance
  • Enhancement: Added Price and SalePrice to Shopify product files.
  • Enhancement: JSONPath support when mapping data in Pipelines
  • Enhancement: Updated Klaviyo Quiz Pipeline Template and Subscribe Template
    • More resilient to funky quiz answer data.
  • Enhancement: Added evalConditions functionality to api.openBox call
  • Enhancement: Box/Experiment Revenue Attribution and other misc. Analytics improvements
  • Fix: when answer drop down is to be filled sourcing from main page
  • Fix: Hide JS App create on EU
  • Fix: Max Displays Per Session Bug
  • Fix: tinypng image formats, and clean filenames
  • Fix: Box conditions Klaviyo targeting bug
  • Fix: Legacy A/B Tests allowing finish without box id
  • Fix: Group % (weights) can be shown out of sequence in the Experiments UI
  • Fix: escaped characters for zeta PC pages

April 2024

  • Digioh Experiments are now live!
    • A/B Testing & Multivariate Testing has been deprecated in favor of Experiments
    • Box variants have been deprecated
    • If your account has any A/B tests actively running or any boxes using a Variant, you will still see the legacy A/B testing.
    • Please contact Support if you’d like your account updated to use Experiments or if you’d prefer to revert and continue using A/B testing for now.

March 2024

  • Digioh Support’s email has changed! You can now reach out to the team via!
  • Enhancement: Sign in With Microsoft
    • Must be a “Work or School account”
    • Works for super users
  • Enhancement: Universal Smart Tag Functionality
  • Enhancement: Digioh Local Quiz Results
    • New quiz results option that is hosted by Digioh instead of requiring Shopify store access. 
    • Works with all store types, even works outside of ecommerce.
    • Currently testing with beta clients
  • Enhancement: Connect in main Nav Bar
  • Enhancement: Outcomes Redirect URL Override Improvements
    • Separate outcomes override actions (show extra page, vs. redirect to url) because each needs to execute in a slightly different part of the page change sequence.
  • Enhancement: Postscript Integration with Pipeline Templates
  • Enhancement: Pipeline Template Editor
  • Fix: JS Function Conditions
  • Fix: ?box_test_id=12345 support for inline.position_using=universal_smart_tag
  • Fix: Sync all pipelines to Integrations list
  • Fix: Hubspot integration authentication
  • Fix: z-index missing for extra pages text, images, html wrappers
  • Fix: shopify product feed use variant.available field to indicate out of stock
  • Fix: Keen event payload size reduction and optimization. Fixes issue with 400 responses for quiz submissions to backup system
  • Fix: duplicating quizzes did not property duplicate quiz settings
  • Fix: ui bug fix in create pipeline template, dropdown too wide.
  • Fix: custom field names not updating when switching between pages
  • Fix: tryShowError and logErrorText bugs
  • Fix: Idle time condition time accumulation bug
  • Fix: Connect – Parameter mapping in Query edit tasks
  • Systems: Javascript Unit testing framework deployed in Lightbox solution
    • Big deal for us engineers, allows better testing of our client side code including a battery of tests to catch regressions
  • Systems: High request volume issue from Segment integration
  • Enhancement: Updated color of breakpoints in editor to better indicate which breakpoint you are viewing
  • Enhancement: Additional phone format (1xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Enhancements: More Digioh Analytics Enhancements
    • Custom date feature
    • Improved auth error handling
    • Disable legacy Overview Analytics when Revenue Analytics enabled
    • Fix GA Admin screen bug
    • Link to change property from icon next to property name in report screens
    • Admin controls to create custom dimensions
    • Admin controls to create custom dimensions / audiences
  • Enhancement: Push Planet publish locking!
  • Enhancement: Push Planet Base64 encoded email support for Iterable Pref Centers
  • Enhancement: Connect: Submission Export Job Editor


February 2024

  • Fix: Scroll Percent Bug
  • Fix: Require toggle issue with phone field
  • Fix: z-index 4500 for live and preview, in addition to editor
  • Enhancement: On Site Preview
    • digioh_box_id=12345, and DIGIOH_BOX_ID=12345 are universally available to preview a published box, even if the box has no conditions
    • No longer need to add FORCE_12345 conditions
    • Dynamically show “Preview on Website” if relevant
  • Enhancement: Quiz Template navigation improvement
  • Enhancement: Mobile Breakpoint in Qwizard
  • Systems: Removed product_names from published outcomes to reduce file size
  • Enhancement: Named Custom Fields
  • Enhancement: Iterable EU datacenter support
  • Fix: Line height issue in Qwizard global design settings
  • Systems: Klaviyo API Migration – Automatic Migration to New APIs
    • Deployment happening next week
  • Fix: Update QuizJSON when updating outcomes
  • Systems: Quiz Submission data limited to configured max results value instead of sending 50 results to integration. Custom JS can still access up to 50 results.
  • Systems: Resolved memory issue when exporting large batches of submissions.
  • Enhancement: Updated max page height in editor from 4000px to 9999px
  • Fix: Dynamic Item issue when replacing images on page change
  • Fix: Issue with empty metadata
  • Enhancement: Custom JS Syntax Checking
  • Enhancement: Quiz Product Data enhancements
    • Separate optimized product files for preview, qa, and prod. Built and published on box publish.
    • Hide Product Data Fields – Option to hide fields to reduce product file size, simplify configuration, and handle larger # of products.
  • Enhancement: Custom JS Syntax Checking.
  • Digioh Native Klaviyo Targeting
  • Enhancement: Asking to save branching logic to other breakpoints
  • Systems: Refactor JS quiz settings usage
  • Systems: Klaviyo API migration
    • Integration calls to deprecated endpoints automatically intercepted, reformatted, and sent to updated APIs
  • Fix: ambiguity for subuser and superuser activity logs
  • Fix: updated weight based product file optimizations
  • Fix: prevent semicolon in email
  • Fix: product csv caching
  • Fix: PushPlanet – custom fields as arrays causing issues in a few places
  • Fix: PushPlanet XSS Vulnerability


January 2024

  • Systems: JS Refactor
  • Systems: JS Minification, reduces size of published code/boxes
    • More to come
  • Enhancement: Quiz Settings finally released to production
  • Systems: Automatically publish account when deactivated
  • Enhancement: When adding new page ask to create other breakpoints
  • Fix: Handling errant device atlas data
  • Fix: isResultsPagePRQ
  • Fix: prevent handling postMessage not originating from us
  • Enhancement: Recent Users, and logout as Virtual User
  • Enhancement: SSO Updates for private Azure AD (Microsoft Entra)
  • Systems: Security Updates – CSP, other Security Headers
  • Enhancement: Never Bounce integration
  • We’ve added a GA Reporting Dashboard!
  • Enhancement: Support GA properties > 100
  • Additional phone format and validation for EU
  • Fix: Remove dynamic lists from drop down when creating Iterable pipeline
  • Enhancement: new Digioh Coupon / Iterable pipeline
  • Enhancement: Updated Connect Pipeline transforms dropdown
  • Enhancement: Updated text for GA in QuizWizard
  • Enhancement: Extended page height  in Push Planet from 10k to 20k
  • Fix: Can only delete last branch on a page. Can now delete any branch.
  • Enhancement: Added Publish and Publish QA buttons to Quiz Outcomes Page.
  • Enhancement: Allow Digioh Super Users to Create Accounts

December 2023

  • Fix: Change Pages recursion issue
  • Enhancement: When box locked, conditions are also locked
  • Fix: Incorrect controller action in GA revenue form
  • Enhancement: Updated Klaviyo Templates (deployed)
  • Fix: Box locking should not apply to rulesets
  • Fix: Missed outcome checks when building optimized product file
  • Enhancement: mobile breakpoint option based on device, not resolution
    • You can see the mobile specific breakpoint in preview mode by reducing the width of the preview window
  • Enhancement: Validate outcome products against product data. Better able to identify invalid products in outcome rules.
  • Enhancement: Integration Logs – search by boxid/integrationid and separate tab for pipeline logs
  • Fix: Updated Z Index of bubble Container to prevent its hiding when Z index of buttons are higher
  • Enhancement: Update image repeat options in Box Editor
    • Rename “Stretch” to “Cover”
    • Add the option “Contain”. applies “background-size: contain” to the element.
    • Label changed from “repeat” to “repeat / size”
  • Fix: small fixes to GA analytics
  • Enhancement: added functions for box variation metadata in boxapi: isVariation, getVariationId, getVariationGuid, getVariationName
  • Fix: GA Audience penetration report when no data
  • Fix: Cosmos submission records not saving when procesed through central us
  • Enhancement: pagination for GA dimension retrieval (lovevery bug)
  • Enhancement: Core email validation prevents special characters that often cause downstream errors with integrations (allowed special characters include: [“+ (plus) ” , “. (dot)” , “_ (underscore)” , “- (hyphen/dash)” ] )
  • Enhancements: Z-Index for box elements and bug fixes for button z-indexes
  • Fix: Prevent exception when user has no UserSettings
  • Diagnostics: Send keen event when coupon is used
  • Fix: Removing daily CSV email from Push Planet as it was never implemented
  • Enhancement: Connect Jobs for product feeds for non-Shopify stores (Magento e.g.) Please reach out to Brian if you have clients that need quiz product data that leverages a feed.
    • Feed to product CSV
    • Combine google sheet and product feed for new CSV

November 2023

  • Attentive Connect with OAuth and pipeline templates
  • Support for Klaviyo OAuth
  • Updated Salesforce OAuth to include PKCE challenge
  • Fix: mobile scrolling issues
  • Fix:detect whether the shopify domain or products type changed upon saving shopif settings so we can rebuild product file
  • Fix: format shopify store URL
  • Fix: handling errant blank breakpoint settings
  • Feature: shopify results relative domain, custom domain, custom path
  • Fix: glitch in date pickers near end of month
  • Fix: Various GA Analytics updates
  • Fix: Hide Text to Copy on Retake Quiz action
  • Update: Klaviyo embed template and sheet url validation
  • Update: Centralize PRQ Sheet source and settings in quiz accordion
  • Update: Digioh setup instructions overhaul
  • Feature: New Button click action “Click to Copy”
  • Feature: showSuccess and showWarning functions
  • Fix: Extra CSS Styles input issues
  • Fix: GA Settings null reference when GA3
  • Feature: Can set metadata on retake quiz button to set the start page “ep1” e.g.
  • Update: Send whitelabel user provision emails from digioh email domain (digioh and push planet)
  • Update: Refactor AdminEmais to use global config + db lookup
  • Update: Send sub/super users their digioh login info upon account creation (digioh + push planet)
  • Infrastructure: Connect update to .net 7
  • Infrastructure: Connect pipeline execution and job execution in separate apps
  • Infrastructure: Saving submission data to Cosmos DB. Stage 1 Submission optimizations
  • Infrastructure: Push Planet DB credentials updates
  • Infrastructure: Overflow Queue for Connect to handle high volume surges of data
  • Feature: Quiz Outcomes
  • Feature: Added email typo detection to Core
  • Fix: Honor textarea max characters limit on form validation
  • Feature: new Zeta function (paid request) PushPlanet and Lightbox (unsubscribe)
  • Feature: Date Dropdown start on current year option
  • Enhancement: Description / CTA when not connected to GA
  • Fix: Update PRQ product file optimizations to support Outcomes
  • Feature: Admin tool to create gsheet from shopify store and filter by SKU or ID (custom gsheet needs)
  • Fix: CSV Exports, properly escape data fields
  • Fix: OAuth Klaviyo connections usable in js proxy
  • Fix: Fancybox issue in Push Planet, upgrade to 2.1.7
  • Enhancement: Preempt confusing error from GA2 when creating audiences beyond 50


October 2023

PRQs now support expanded options for matching keywords using:

  • Contains
  • Matches Whole Words
  • Equals Exact
  • Regex

Iterable integrations can now be configured via our Connect page, with several templates for your use. 

September 2023

You can now drag and drop to rearrange individual pages within a Digioh box!

We’ve launched several improvements to our Analytics:

  • You can now see the revenue by product
  • User’s time spent on each page is now tracked
  • You can now export revenue data

August 2023

PRQs can now automatically grab Tags and Descriptions from your Shopify store for easy use in Keyword matching.

Error Logging: In the console, errors will now appear in red with additional information on where the error occurred. 

Launched revenue reporting for Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

July 2023

Launched support for GA4. 

Updates to the QWizard! You can now:

  • Connect to GA4 directly in the wizard
  • Configure the result page to exclude Out of Stock products
  • Preview the quiz results page
  • Configure Global Design Settings in one place to quickly modify the entire quiz’s design

Launched Lightning Load for inline quizzes, allowing you to select a placeholder image that will appear as the quiz loads.

June 2023

Launched the QWizard. With the QWizard guiding you through the entire creation process, it’s easier than ever to create an interactive quiz that connects you with your customers! 

  • Scrapes your Shopify products to generate the necessary GSheet
  • Include/exclude certain products from quiz results
  • Create integrations automatically
  • Easily include an email collection page
  • Create your Shopify Results Page automatically! Pick the number of results you want to display at the end, the layout, and whether to display a hero product, then copy/paste the generated code onto a Shopify page.
  • Generate your Klaviyo Dynamic Email code automatically for easy copy/pasting.

Connect and Pipelines support is now live! Digioh Connect is a powerful way to collect and move your data. Using Pipelines, you can control what data you want and how, where, and when you want it! Reach out to for more information.

Added support for Custom Conditions, allowing implementation of a wide range of sophisticated targeting use cases and interoperation with your existing site or Digioh Custom JavaScript.

Launched Hide/Disable Fields app: Hide or disable form fields based on values entered into other fields. 

Updates to the Iterable Targeting App:

  • You can now personalize boxes and display data from the user’s profile
  • You can use merge tags that pre-populate fields with data from Iterable

Launched additional UI Updates:

  • You can now rearrange the order of your boxes via Drag-and-Drop! 
  • We’ve added a new button to allow you to rename boxes easily.
  • Integrations now show how many, and which boxes, they are being used for.

May 2023

NEW: Submission Exports Capability – Digioh can now export submissions on a schedule and upload them to your SFTP server, in addition to S3 and Azure Storage destinations. To configure this for your account, please contact us.

NEW: Automatically generate headline ideas with our AI Headline Generator! This feature is available in the Text 1 section of the editor. Just provide your URL, website type, and a brief description of your box to get 5-10 headline ideas fast!

Added support for Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Added SSO support using the OpenID Connect protocol. To enable SSO for your account, please reach out to

Added support for Google Sign-In (Note: this requires that your Digioh login is the same as your Gmail address).

New UI Updates (with more to come!)

  • The Create New Box button now stands out more.
  • Added a Create New Box button under the list of boxes to reduce scrolling.
  • Dimensions boxes now allow you to type in values manually.
  • Separated the Configuration Controls from the Box Editor to reduce scrolling when creating larger boxes.
  • You can now apply CSS to individual pages:
  • Added a Form CSS field to enable easier styling:
  • Page List now displays the extra page number first so it isn’t cut off.
  • Form labels can now include subtext.
  • New accounts are now greeted with the updated Digioh Wizard:

April 2023

  • Added HTML support in text fields.
  • NEW: EU Data Region for Digioh.

March 2023

NEW APP: The Internationalization app allows you to display boxes in multiple languages by configuring an accompanying GSheet!

February 2023

Digioh now supports integrating with Gorgias! 

January 2023

We launched a large update to our analytics and reporting!

  • The Analytics tab has been renamed to Reporting.
  • Our new Revenue Analytics report allows you to see Digioh’s direct impact on your revenue! Please reach out to to enable this for your account.
  • The new Quiz Analytics report shows how your PRQ is performing.

In Push Planet, you can now configure buttons to trigger an Integration. This is similar to how checkboxes allow you to assign an Integration to them.

When using a Digioh PRQ, you can now display the recommended products directly within your Shopify or Magento landing page!

Digioh now supports integrating with Ometria!

December 2022

Liquid Templates:

  • Launched support for liquid templating in Digioh integrations; reach out to to enable this feature.
  • We’ve updated our POST universal standardized JSON payload to submissions endpoint, making all Digioh data available to the integration without needing to configure metadata, button data actions, etc.
  • Integration/Submission Reference Data: Users can now see the latest submission JSON payload directly within an Integration.
  • New PRQ Core Merge Tags make it easier to pass pre-formatted PRQ data to Klaviyo or other similar Integrations, without needing to configure any metadata or custom fields. (Only available if liquid templates are enabled for your account):
    • [JSON_CORE]

Core PRQs will now auto-submit on the Results page, and auto-skip integrations for any prior non-results pages.

The Push Planet default image upload has been resized to 800px instead of 400px.

November, 2022

Launched Custom Domains for Digioh Lightboxes. This will help prevent boxes from being blocked by adblockers.

You can now add unlimited fields to boxes; reach out to to enable this feature.

Buttons can now be configured to assign a value to a custom field; this is especially useful for surveys and quizzes.

New: Simplified Custom JS environment.

  • Parent JS has been removed and Box JS has been refactored into Custom JS – This is now where all JS will reside for your account.
  • Note: If you have existing code in Parent JS, your code will continue to function normally and you will still have access to it via the editor. We recommend you migrate the code to Custom JS. Please reach out to support if you have any questions or need assistance.

Updated our Core PRQ functionality:

  • You can now see a breakdown of how weights are being applied to better understand why a product is recommended.
  • Digioh now supports weighting based on text matching. You can now weight any product containing specific text rather than having to add weights to products individually.

October, 2022

New: Flow Preview! You can now see a visual flow of how a user will move through each step of a lightbox. Very handy when creating surveys or quizzes with branching paths!

Launched Conditional Logic. You can now easily control how a user will navigate through each page of a lightbox based on their previous selections.

September, 2022

Launched the Daily Digest email report. Instead of getting an email after every submission, you will now get a digest on the number of conversions for the previous day.

July, 2022

Launched the ability to have Digioh box iFrame origin be the client domain. This solves CORS issues and allows auto-fill of input fields on iOS devices.

Have a lot of changes to make? Digioh’s new bulk editor allows you to make bulk updates to the metadata for pages of a box and text, button, and image elements. It also allows for updates to the content of text and buttons.

June, 2022

Launched box integration overrides: You can now set the form on pages to override the box’s configured integration. This is useful to skip submitting the page and just use it for gathering data, or if you want the page to fire a specific integration.

May, 2022

Added support for the batch uploading of files.

Added the ability to lock a box. When a box is locked, only the user who locked it can save it. Note: This feature is only available to admins and superusers.

March, 2022

Launched Bulk Editor: save time by modifying Buttons, Text, Images, and Pages themselves in bulk.

February, 2022

Added the ability to name extra pages.

January, 2022

Moved the “breakpoint bar” to the bottom of the preview window.

Automatic updates now apply to all Breakpoints in a Box:

  • Text: Text, Font-Face, Color
  • Buttons: Click Action (and corresponding sub-actions), Text, Font-Face, Text Color, Border, Background Color
  • Labels: Font Face, Text Color
  • Inputs: Ghost Text Color, Font Face, Text Color

Note: Automatic breakpoint updates only activate with changes to the main box, which then propagate to breakpoints. This does not necessarily apply to new Box components; only if the component already exists in the Breakpoint. This will not “turn on” any components that are off.

Updated the Editor UI to make Breakpoints and “Pin to Top” options more intuitive.

  • Replaced + button with “+Breakpoint”
  • Added “Max window width” description to the input field.
  • Added a pencil icon next to the breakpoint currently in use for easier editing.
  • The Box ID now appears at the top of the editor.
  • Replaced “Lock” icon with a “Pin to top” icon

Added support for Universal Merge Tags.

November 18, 2021

Added new themes for email capture and one-tap SMS opt-in.

Editor Updates:

  • Editor now supports up to 50 each of buttons, text elements, images, and HTML elements. Each element can now be accessed in the respective dropdown.
  • Added “selected” state to buttons, allowing buttons to act as a checkbox.
  • Added button states to the “Extra CSS Styles” setting.
  • Added a “Form Values” setting to Buttons for clicked/selected states.

New Custom JS apps:

November 8, 2021

Launched 3 new Custom JS apps:

November 1, 2021

Added three new box themes, located in the Redirect category.

October 18, 2021

Launched Tealium (Event) integration.

New: CSV Spreadsheet Editor Feature.

October 13, 2021

Launched integration with Listrak.

October 8, 2021

Launched several Digioh updates:

  • Additional editor optimization enhancements.
  • Digioh API v2.2 includes various new functions and features.
  • New: ConvertKit integration.
  • Console Error Logging: Errors or exceptions in Custom JS are now sent directly to the console in red, regardless of whether you issue the api.print() command.

October 6, 2021

Platform updates:

  • Editor Loading/Speed Enhancements
  • Updated Custom Field labels to include their label text in the navigation dropdown.
  • Active fields are now easier to identify. Labels for active fields are white, while inactive labels are gray.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue preventing the “Apply Design Settings To” multiselect dropdown from appearing on Extra Pages.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t adding Extra Page 1 through 4 under certain cases.

September 24, 2021

Launched several enhancements to the Digioh editor:

  • With the new Global Font setting in the Main Page Layout section, you can apply a specific Font Family to every element in the Box, including Buttons, Text, Form Inputs, and Form Labels. Once applied, you can adjust the Font Family in specific elements as needed.
  • The new Apply Design Settings To… feature allows you to style a particular element, then copy those style settings to the same type of element across pages. With the multiselect input, you can control over whether those settings are applied to all elements on all pages, or you can choose specific pages and specific elements.
  • The Copy Design Settings From… feature now ignores Metadata, Button Actions, Redirect URLs, and anything not style-related. Anything not copied over will remain as it was originally configured on each element.

September 21, 2021

Added the ability to center-align any element (form, image, button, etc.) on the page. To align an element, just click the green alignment button next to the X & Y positioning controls.

Added two new themes for product recommendation quizzes.

September 20, 2021

Launched the ability to copy any Text, Button, Image, or HTML element’s settings from another element of the same type. Using this feature will copy all design settings into the selected element, but will not affect the element’s X and Y coordinates.

September 16, 2021

Digioh now supports metadata for Widgets, Pages, and all standard and custom form Fields. (Previously, only Text, Image, Button, and HTML elements had Metadata.)

Note: Setting metadata makes those attributes appear in the HTML DOM unless they contain special characters in the key, in which case that metadata will only exist in the “settings” object (in the data level only).

September 14, 2021

Platform enhancements:

  • Added ability to customize/suppress loading spinner image.
  • Added native support for customizing your close button image.
  • New: Open to current page after clicking “copy design settings from.”

September 7, 2021

New Klaviyo integrations:

  • Advanced: adds a user to a Klaviyo list, along with any number of custom fields.
  • Identify: add a user profile (with custom fields) to Klaviyo without adding them to a list.

September 3, 2021

Launched new landing page themes for Push Planet users.

September 2, 2021

Added the ability to override Box Level Integration(s) at the Page Level within the Editor. You can skip all integrations or choose to run only specific integrations. Box Level integrations will continue to run for any other pages of the box that do not have this override setup. 

August 31, 2021

Launched the ability to override the form submit action at the button level.  

August 12, 2021

iPost integration: Added comprehensive native integrations for writing data to iPost.

July 29, 2021

New: Now you can add unlimited extra pages to your boxes!

June 17, 2021

Launched WordPress plugin for easy Digioh installation & configuration on WordPress sites.

June 11, 2021

Launched JS app for adding Calendly scheduler widgets to Digioh boxes.

June 4, 2021

Launched Digioh API v2.1.

Improvements to Digioh Conditions editor:

  • Added several new rule types for targeting URLs.
  • Added “Popular” section to rules list for easy access to frequently-used rules.

June 3, 2021

Launched our Segment integration app, enabling easier integration with Segment.  

May 18, 2021

Launched several minor updates:

  • Added Braze and Smaily to the Integration dropdown list.
  • Fixed multi-factor authentication loop.
  • Added custom fields 20-50 to integration field mapping and submissions/analytics.

April 30, 2021

Added support for up to 50 custom fields.

April 29, 2021

Added new Digioh box themes, and updated many existing themes.

April 21, 2021

Digioh now integrates with Segment, allowing you to pass data to Segment, track events, identify users, and target Digioh boxes based on Segment persona traits.

April 6, 2021

Launched Custom JS Apps feature for Admins and Super Users.

March 18, 2021

Added the Language rule to the Conditions editor. This gives you the ability to target forms based on a user’s default browser language.

January 12, 2021

NEW: Launching new boxes is easier than ever with our Step-by-Step Wizard. Just choose the purpose of your box and your desired form factor, and the wizard will show you a list of themes that fit your needs.