Randomize Dropdown Options

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If you are implementing a Survey, it’s good practice to randomize available options for each user to remove any position-based selection bias.

Digioh App #18: Randomize Dropdown Options is a turnkey solution for this, at least with respect to Dropdown fields.

From your profile menu top right, go to Custom JS (Apps), install App #18, and then Publish to activate it.

You configure your form dropdown fields as normal, but also add metadata dropdown_rnd : true

Then, when viewing the box, the order of options will be randomized:

Note that if you have a dropdown with submit value “none” or blank, then that will not be randomly positioned and will be the default. If you don’t want to allow the user to select and submit this value, best practice is to make the submit value blank and set the field to Required in the editor.

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