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Digioh conditions natively support targeting of dates or date ranges. If you need to target a more precise time of day (in addition to or instead of date) you can install App #75: Targeting hour of day in Box Conditions.

Install the app from the profile menu top right, then Custom JS (Apps). Make sure you Publish after installation to make it live on your site.

The app makes two JavaScript variables available, which you can use in “JavaScript Variable” conditions.

  • DIGIOH_API.hh24 : 24 clock hour of day in the users local time zone.
  • DIGIOH_API.hh24et : 24 clock hour of day in US Eastern Time Zone, adjusted for daylight savings.

So for example, if you want to a Box to display between 11am and 2pm in the users local time zone you would configure this targeting:

IMPORTANT: Conditions are based on string compare which can lead to unexpected results, e.g. 2 > 10. When entering a comparison value, make sure you always “pad” it to two digits, so instead of saying hh24 > 1, say hh24 > 01.

The fixed ET time zone option is for global campaigns that have a definitive start and stop time. If you want to base it on Pacific Time, say, then just add 3 to the hh24et number.

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