Digioh Connect

Digioh Connect is a powerful service that can enable complex integrations in a low-code or no-code solution. It can be used as a Reverse ETL tool to make your data actionable, or to collect zero party data and send it to your warehouse. For example, you could connect your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with your Email Service Provider (ESP) and keep data in both platforms in sync.  When a new contact is created in your CRM, the same contact is created in your ESP automatically, or vice versa.

Connect can also be used to build custom logic for an integration. For example, you can update a contact in your ESP to be a certain type based on qualifying data in the corresponding CRM contact. Or, we could look up additional related data in your CRM and attach it to the ESP contact. We can also transform the data between the two systems to meet data requirements of those systems or your business requirements.

There are two main modules in Connect

Connect Pipelines

Connect Jobs


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