How do I automatically validate USA phone numbers on user input?

If you want to validate a USA phone number, there’s an app for that named Phone Validation (USA).

The main features of the app:

  • The app will validate that the number is a syntactically valid phone number.
  • Optionally enable auto addition of the “+” icon and “1” digit at the start of the phone number like this (+12434567890).

Valid phone numbers:

(xxx) xxx-xxxx+1xxxxxxxxx(xxx)xxx-xxxx


Step 1: From the profile menu top right click on “Custom Javascript (Apps)”

Step 2: Install the “Phone Validation (USA)” app one time. All your boxes can now use the feature.

Step 3: For activating the app feature, select the specific phone number field in the Box Editor, and at the bottom of the screen enter the metadata fields that are listed in the below table.

Metadata FieldValueDescriptionRequired/Optional
phone_validate_usatrueEnable USA phone number validationRequired
phone_add_plustrue/falseAdd + icon at the start of the phone no (+12345678901) automaticallyOptional
phone_add_onetrue/falseAdd 1 digit at the start of the phone no (12345678901) automaticallyOptional


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