Klaviyo Integration

Digioh integrates with Klaviyo to help you grow your list with pop-up forms, one-time-use coupon codes, product recommendation quizzes, and other eCommerce conversion features.

If you are setting up a Digioh integration by yourself, we first recommend reading about Digioh Integration Basics.

How to Set up Your Klaviyo Integration

1. Create the Box in your Digioh account that you will integrate with Klaviyo (if you don’t already have one created).

2. Click the “Integrations” tab.

3. Select Klaviyo from the dropdown.

4. Create a Friendly Name for the integration. Usually you want this to be Klaviyo – LIST NAME.

5. Click “Create Integration” (you do not need to select a lightbox at this time).

add new klaviyo integration to Digioh

6. In a new tab, log into your Klaviyo account. Go to “Account,” click the “Settings” tab, and copy your API key to your clipboard.

log into Klaviyo to find your API key for the integration

7. Return to Digioh, enter your API key into Digioh, and click “Save”

8. Once you’ve created the Klaviyo integration, you must add your integration to a lightbox. First, pick a list.

select a list to integrate with Klaviyo

9. To link this integration to your Lightbox, click the “Boxes” tab, then click “Add” in the Integrations column.

add your Klaviyo integration to a particular Digioh lightbox

10. Select the integration you want your leads to go to, and you are all set. Your forms will now pass new email addresses to your Klaviyo account.

Digioh offers advanced Klaviyo integration support using Custom JavaScript. We can also pass hidden fields and other data in real-time for advanced email segmentation and personalization.

For advanced integrations, please contact us, and the Digioh team can set it up for you.

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