How to Create an Iterable Email Preference Center

By setting up a custom preference center, you can allow your Iterable email subscribers to select what kind of emails they receive, choose how often they receive emails, and even pause all email communication for a set amount of time.

Here’s a step-by-step video to help you build and launch your preference page:

To create a custom Iterable Email Preference Center in your Push Planet account, complete the following steps:

1. Custom Domain
This is an optional step, but you can use a custom domain (like See detailed steps for using a custom domain here.

2. Design
After you log in, check out our themes here:

Our team is happy to design something for you if you send over your fonts, colors, text, and header/footer. You can also provide a Figma file.

3. Add Iterable API Key
Create a New Iterable Integration here:
Select “Iterable Add/Update Profile” from the drop-down and enter your API key on the next step. You will want to create a Server-Side Iterable API Key. This is where you can turn on SHA256 encoding, which is defaulted on and recommended.

Learn how to find your Iterable API key here.

If your Iterable API is not authenticating, please make sure you have at least one contact in your Iterable project.

4. Change the Page to PC (Preference Center) mode
On the Pages Lists:, click on LP to switch the page to a PC page (see step-by-step instructions here). Select the integration added in step #3, select OptOut vs OptIn message types, and select an Error Page (typically we default to the Thank You page).

5. Map Checkboxes to Message Types, Lists or Channels
Next, map each checkbox to an Iterable Message Type, List, Channel, or Data Attribute field. Open your preference center page in the design editor, select a checkbox, and you will see the additional Iterable mapping fields. See our steps here.

  • We recommend using the “Add” option for preference level checkboxes (Either “Add” Message Type or “Add” List)
  • We recommend using the “Remove” option for the unsubscribe checkboxes (Either “Remove” Channel or “Remove” all Lists)

6. Test the Preference Center
Follow our steps here to see how the preference center will appear for emails in your Iterable database.

7. Add Your Email Preference Center URL to Iterable
Once your page is integrated, grab your URL and paste it into Iterable. You can find your URL by selecting “Edit” in the URL column. See our steps here.

In Iterable, go to Settings > Project Settings, and enter the URL in the Hosted Unsubscribe URL. Hit “Save” at the bottom, then toggle “Use the hosted unsubscribe URL.” You must save the page before it allows you to toggle this switch. Follow our steps here.

8. Use the Hosted Unsubscribe URL in your Iterable Email Templates
To reference the URL in your Iterable email templates, use the parameter {{hostedUnsubscribeUrl}}. We recommend adding it in an HTML block and using this HTML so you can have a clean link rather than a long URL. Here is our sample HTML.

For additional information on creating preference centers for Iterable, please check out our other helpful links below:

If you have any further questions or would like to set up an Iterable Email Preference Center, please contact us.