How to Add Check or Uncheck All Checkboxes to Your Preference Center

Creating check/uncheck all options for your Email Preference Center allows subscribers to update their preferences by quickly selecting or deselecting newsletter options. Follow these instructions to configure a checkbox to check or uncheck the other options. We also have “Subscribe All” and Unsubscribe All” settings (scroll down for those options).

While editing your preference page theme, select a checkbox to see its Field Name, Form Actions, etc.

The “Actions to Other Checkboxes” and “Respond to Other Checkboxes” settings will help you create the desired check or uncheck all functionality.

For example: if you select the “Remove me from all future communications” checkbox, you can set the action to uncheck all of the other checkboxes.

Actions & Response to Other Checkboxes Setting in the Page Editor

Click on the drop-down to see all of the available options for each new feature.

Actions to Other Checkboxes Drop Down Menu

You can also set a response to other checkboxes.

For example, if you want one of the checkboxes to be unchecked if all others are checked, you can select that option.

Set Response to Other Checkboxes Dropdown Menu

To test your checkbox functionality, Save your changes, then click the Preview Button at the top of the Editor:

Preview Checkbox Functionality in the Preference Page Editor

Once you select the Preview button, you can see the your checkboxes in action.

Subscribe All and Unsubscribe All

If you want a “Subscribe All” (checks all the boxes except the “Unsubscribe All” checkbox), just add subscribeAll for the Key Name.

Subscribe All Setting

If you want a “Unsubscribe All” (unchecks all the boxes on the page), just add unsubscribeAll for the Key Name.

Unsubscribe All



If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.