How to integrate with Iterable Track Event (Legacy)

Note: This integration is a legacy implementation from Iterable’s older version. Kindly refer to the updated documentation for the current integration.

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers you to create, optimize and measure every interaction across the entire customer journey.

Digioh integrates seamlessly with Iterable. Digioh customers can track User Events in iterable using this integration. We can pass custom fields as well through this integration.

If you are setting up a Digioh integration by yourself, we first recommend reading about Digioh Integration Basics.


  • For this integration, you need an Iterable API key.

Digioh Integration Steps:

1. Log into your Digioh account.

2. Click Integrations.

3. Click +New Integration.

4. In the integration dropdown, select Iterable – Track Event.

5. Select the Box ID to which you want to link the Iterable – Iterable Track Event Integration

6. Click on Create Integration.

After clicking on the Create Integration button, you should see an Iterable Authentication page.


7. On this page, enter your Iterable API key and click Save to authenticate your account. To find your API key, log into your Iterable account and click this link.

8. After clicking the save button, you will see your account’s main Integration page. Click the fields link of the Iterable – Track Event.

9. On the IterableTrackEvent advanced settings page, add the following JSON to the Raw Data to send Section:

{ "email": "[EMAIL]",  "userId": "string", "eventName": "email_capture_web", "dataFields": {}, "campaignId": 0, "templateId": 0 }

Events are created asynchronously and processed separately from the single event (non-bulk) endpoint. Thus, if you need to make sure events are tracked in order, it is recommended that all of them are sent to the same endpoint (either bulk or non-bulk).

NOTE: You can also pass custom fields in the dataFields Object by adding each field to the dataFields Object.. See the following two examples of custom fields being passed.

Digioh Custom Fields Example

  "email": "[EMAIL]", 
  "eventName": "email_capture_web",
   "userId": "string",
  "dataFields": { 
        "phone": "[PHONE]", 
        "zip": "[CUSTOM_1]", 
        "first_name": "[FIRST_NAME]",
        "last_name": "[LAST_NAME]",
        "website": "[CUSTOM_2]",
        "digioh_first_page_seen": "[LANDING_URL]"  

Digioh Analytics Fields Example

  "email": "[EMAIL]", 
  "eventName": "email_capture_web",
  "userId": "string",
  "dataFields": { 
        "vendor_id": "[VENDOR_ID]",
        "lightbox_id": "[LIGHTBOX_ID]",
        "lightbox_name": "[LIGHTBOX_NAME]",
        "variation_id": "[VARIATION_ID]",
        "variation_name": "[VARIATION_NAME]",
        "ab_test_id": "[AB_TEST_ID]",
        "client_id": "[CLIENT_ID]",
        "submission_id": "[SUBMISSION_ID]",
        "city": "[CITY]",
        "region": "[REGION]",
        "country": "[COUNTRY]",
        "country_code": "[COUNTRY_CODE]",
        "postal_code": "[POSTAL_CODE]",
        "web_source": "[WEB_SOURCE]",
        "search_engine": "[SEARCH_ENGINE]",
        "device": "[DEVICE]",
        "operating_system": "[OPERATING_SYSTEM]",
        "browser_type": "[BROWSER_TYPE]",
        "browser_version": "[BROWSER_VERSION]",
        "page_visits": "[PAGE_VISITS]",
        "past_visits": "[PAST_VISITS]",
        "referring_url": "[REFERRING_URL]",
        "landing_url": "[LANDING_URL]",
        "submit_url": "[SUBMIT_URL]",
        "submit_date": "[SUBMIT_DATE]"

For additional fields that Digioh can push, see this List.

Note: Please note there is a soft limit (default is 8,000) on the number of unique fields a custom event can have. For events of the same name, identically named data fields must be of the same type.

10. After adding the JSON click on Save Settings Button.

That’s all. You have successfully integrated Iterable Track Event API with Digioh.

If you have any questions about setting up an integration, send us a message,and we’ll be glad to help.

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