Digioh Editor Overview

The Digioh Editor lets you design boxes that can be displayed as popups, banners or even embedded onto your website. Control the look and feel, add forms, buttons, text, images and even custom HTML.

Main Page

The main page is the first page that appears on your Lightbox. After a form is submitted the user can then be brought to a Thank You page. You can also create multi-step lighboxes with Extra Pages.


The Layout tab is where you edit the box’s dimensions, border, and background. You can also set your box to be responsive in this tab. For more about responsive design, read our article on Responsive Settings.


Under the form tab you can add fields, style the labels and inputs.

Here are the sections in the Form tab:

  • Form – Turn the form on or off and choose the action that happens after the form is submitted.
  • Fields – Add and edit fields from the dropdown. You can add custom fields and set them to Text Box, Dropdowns, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, etc.
  • Labels – Show or hide labels that appear above or in front of your fields.
  • Inputs – Control the height, spacing, font, border and background of your form inputs.


You can add submission buttons, download buttons, close buttons, and more!

Easily drag and drop or resize buttons. You can also change the text, border and background color, or use an image as a button.

You can program buttons by setting the click action to:

  • Submit Form
  • Close Lightbox
  • Redirect to Website
  • Do Nothing (so you can add custom Javascript)
  • Download File
  • Open Another Lightbox
  • Show Thank You Page or Extra Pages*

*It’s important to note that if you choose to make a button show another page, it won’t submit the form. In order to show the Thank You Page after a user submits the form, you have to go to the Form tab, and set “After Form Submit” to “Show Thank You Page.”


Edit text, font face, size, alignment and even add custom CSS. You can also upload your own Custom Fonts.


Easily add images and control the size and position with intuitive controls.


Add custom HTML blocks for even more control over your design.

Thank You Page

To display a Thank You Page, a button or form must be set to “Show Thank You Page.”

The Thank You Page has all of the same options as the Main Page. If you want to copy the style settings from the Main Page go to Layout and choose “Main Page” from the “Copy Design Settings From” Section and hit the Copy button.

Then we can turn off any forms or buttons that we don’t need and edit our text.

Save and Preview to get an idea of what your box will look like on your site.

If everything looks good, hit Save & Publish and you’re done!