Available Digioh Data Fields for Integrations and Personalization

Digioh has a wide range of data fields available for use in Integrations. This includes user form input and automatically generated Analytics fields. Analytics data includes demographics like geo-location, as well as operational data like Box Name and Account ID. When passed to your email platform, say, you can use Analytics data in addition to user input for targeting and personalization of your email campaigns.

Depending on your end platform that receives the data, you either map Digioh data fields to fields in your platform, or enter them in a JSON integration template as [MERGE_TAGS].

Also, by installing the Universal Merge Tags App (UMT), you can use merge tags anywhere in your Digioh Boxes for personalization. UMT supports all fields available to Integrations, and adds a range of additional data field merge tags. If you want to send UMT-only fields to your email platform, you can place their merge tags in hidden fields, e.g. Custom 10 : [QS|utm_source], and then merge the field in your Integration template [CUSTOM_10].

Data field types are:

  • Form: input fields you collect in your form, they will be the empty string if not present in your form, or not filled by the user.
  • Box Ops: information specific to the Box being displayed/submitted.
  • Analytics: Digioh generated data about the user, website, and webpage context.

The table shows all supported merge tags, indicating support by Integration Templates (Intgn.) and in the Box itself via the UMT App.

Merge Tag Type Intgn. UMT Description
[EMAIL] Form Standard Email Field
[EMAIL_MD5_LC] Form Email field MD5 hash merge tag
[NAME] Form Standard Name Field
[FIRST_NAME] Form First name part of [NAME]
[LAST_NAME] Form Last name part of [NAME]
[PHONE] Form Standard Phone Field
[OPT_IN] Form Standard Opt-In Checkbox
[CUSTOM_1] Form Custom Field 1…50
[LIGHTBOX_ID] Box Ops Box unique ID, will never change even if box is renamed
[LIGHTBOX_NAME] Box Ops Box Name, which may change
[BOX_TYPE] Box Ops The type of box (Lightbox, Banner, Sidebar, Inline)
[VARIATION_ID] Box Ops Box Variation ID, if in an A/B test (blank otherwise)
[VARIATION_NAME] Box Ops Box Variation Name, if in an A/B test (blank otherwise)
[AB_TEST_ID] Box Ops ID if in A/B test (blank otherwise)
[CLIENT_ID] Box Ops Unique ID of visitor’s device/browser combination
[SUBMISSION_ID] Box Ops Unique submission ID
[VENDOR_ID] Box Ops Digioh account ID, if you have multiple Digioh accounts sending data
[CITY] Analytics Auto geo-detected city name
[REGION] Analytics Auto geo-detected region/state name
[COUNTRY] Analytics Auto geo-detected country name
[COUNTRY_CODE] Analytics Auto geo-detected ISO Alpha-2 Code
[POSTAL_CODE] Analytics Zip/postal code, empty if unable to detect
[WEB_SOURCE] Analytics Traffic source based on Google Analytics, e.g. Organic Search, Direct
[SEARCH_ENGINE] Analytics Google, Bing, etc, if known
[DEVICE] Analytics Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet
[IP_ADDRESS] Analytics Visitor IP Address
[OPERATING_SYSTEM] Analytics Windows, Apple, Android, etc
[BROWSER_TYPE] Analytics Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc
[BROWSER_VERSION] Analytics Numeric version of the browser from user agent
[PAGE_VISITS] Analytics Total number of (any) page views by this visitor
[PAST_VISITS] Analytics Total number of visits (sessions) by this user, including this one
[REFERRING_URL] Analytics Referrer URL, provided by the browser
[LANDING_URL] Analytics Landing page URL
[SUBMIT_URL] Analytics Webpage on which the box was displayed and submitted
[SUBMIT_DATE] Analytics Date and time of submission, e.g. 07/30/2021 14:16
[HOST_NAME] Analytics The domain/host name of your site
[PAGE_PATH] Analytics The full path of webpage, e.g. /pages/coupons.html
[PAGE_PATH|1] Analytics Path (folder) level, e.g. /pages/
[QUERY_STRING] Analytics Full URL query string, e.g. utm_source=google&gclid=1234
[BOX_PAGE] Analytics Current box page when submitting, e.g. main, ep1, thx
[TEXT_N] Analytics The contents of a text element on the box page, e.g. [TEXT_2]
[BUTTON_N Analytics The on a button on the box page, e.g. [BUTTON_3]
[COOKIE|name|default] Analytics The contents of a named cookie, uses default if not found
[LS|name|default] Analytics Contents of localStorage item, default if not found
[QS|name|default] Analytics Query string (URL) parameter on current page URL
[QSLC|name|default] Analytics Last seen URL parameter for the visitor on any page (last click)
[QSFC|name|default] Analytics First seen URL parameter for the visitor on any page (first click)
[QSSN|name|default] Analytics URL parameter for the visitor on any page in this visit (session)
[UTC] Analytics Timestamp per Universal Coordinated Time
[UTCDAY] Analytics Timestamp of midnight today (i.e. round down timestamp)

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