What are all the data and analytics fields Digioh can push through Integrations?

Here are all the Merge Tags available for use within Digioh Integrations. Depending on your integration, you would drop these into a JSON template, or individually map them.

Digioh integrations support Merge Tags, which are square bracketed references that are dynamically replaced in the integration payload from both submission data, box context data, and available analytics data.

1. Standard Form Submission Data
These are the fields you collect in your form, they will be the empty string if not present in your form, or not filled by the user.

  • [EMAIL]
  • [NAME]
  • [PHONE]
  • [OPT_IN]
  • [CUSTOM_1]
  • [CUSTOM_2]
  • [CUSTOM_3]
  • [CUSTOM_4]
  • [CUSTOM_5]
  • [CUSTOM_6]
  • [CUSTOM_7]
  • [CUSTOM_8]
  • [CUSTOM_9]
  • [CUSTOM_10]
  • [CUSTOM_11] …. [CUSTOM_50]

2. Box Context Fields
These are specific to the Box being displayed/submitted.

  • [VENDOR_ID] : your Digioh account ID, useful if you have multiple Digioh accounts sending data to the same system
  • [LIGHTBOX_ID] : the Box ID, will never change even if box is renamed
  • [LIGHTBOX_NAME] : the Box Name as seen in Boxes list, probably more useful than Box ID but may be changed
  • [VARIATION_ID] : the Variation ID, if Box is displayed in an A/B test
  • [VARIATION_NAME] : the Variation Name, if Box is displayed in an A/B test
  • [AB_TEST_ID] : ID if running an A/B test
  • [CLIENT_ID] : Unique ID for the visitor’s device/browser combination, like a user ID
  • [SUBMISSION_ID] : Unique ID for the form submission, if any
  • [BOX_TYPE]: The type of box (Lightbox, Banner, Sidebar, Inline)

3. Analytics Fields
These are all the analytics data we collect on submit.

  • [CITY] : auto geo-detected city name
  • [REGION] : auto geo-detected region/state name
  • [COUNTRY] : auto geo-detected country name
  • [COUNTRY_CODE] : auto geo-detected country 2 letter ISO code
  • [POSTAL_CODE] : zip/postal code, can sometimes be NULL if unable to detect
  • [WEB_SOURCE] : high level traffic source, e.g. Organic Search, Direct
  • [SEARCH_ENGINE] : Google, Bing, etc, if known
  • [DEVICE] : Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet
  • [IP_ADDRESS] : IP Address
  • [OPERATING_SYSTEM] : Windows, Apple, Android, etc
  • [BROWSER_TYPE] : Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc
  • [BROWSER_VERSION] : Numeric version of the browser from user agent
  • [PAGE_VISITS] : Perhaps misnamed, this is the total number of page views ever by the user
  • [PAST_VISITS] : Total number of visits to your site by this user, including this one
  • [REFERRING_URL] : Referrer URL
  • [LANDING_URL] : Landing page URL
  • [SUBMIT_URL] : Webpage on which the box was displayed and submitted
  • [SUBMIT_DATE] : Date and time of submission, e.g. 07/30/2021 14:16