Digioh Best Practices

Over our several years of providing support, we at Digioh have compiled a list of best practices and recommendations. Following these practices can help make sure that you’re delivering top quality content to your customers and achieving success in your business!


General Recommendations:

  • Use URL Contains rules to prevent boxes from displaying to real users prior to launch. Use any matching string that is unlikely to appear in any real URL, such as “PRELAUNCH”. When ready to launch, remove the rule.
  • After creating your new lightbox, test all of the buttons and form fields to ensure that they are all working as expected, making sure to test all available options for your fields.
  • Use Preview Mode to check that your close button is visible and can be clicked by users.
  • Get a second pair of eyes to double check spelling on the copy. You can also paste it into a word document to catch misspelled words.
  • You can test how a box will appear on your site using the Live Test URL Button:       
    • By default the test URL will trigger on the client homepage configured in their account, but you can replace everything before the ? in the URL to have the box show on any page you wish.
  • To check that Digioh is properly installed on your site, right click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect”. Click in the inspector code window, hit Ctrl+F, and search for “lightboxcdn”. If this is present in the code, then the Digioh JavaScript is installed on the client site.
    • In addition, you can confirm that Digioh has fully initialized by typing DIGIOH_API into the Console tab, which is a JavaScript object created by Digioh. If it looks like below, then Digioh is working. If it shows “undefined”, then there is an initialization problem and you should contact Digioh support.


  • For mobile breakpoints, we recommend using 515px. You can also visit this page for more information on recommended sizes.
  • After creating a breakpoint, go through all of the pages to ensure that none are using the default theme / text.
  • To easily update the layout of your breakpoint: Update the layout on the Main Page as needed and then use the “Apply Page Layout To” widget located in the Layout tab – You can select ALL EXISTING PAGES to update the layout in all of the breakpoint pages.       



  • Before setting a box to Live, check over its conditions to confirm that it’s going to fire where intended. And make sure you remove any testing-related conditions!
  • If you find yourself creating the same conditions repeatedly, you could benefit from using a ruleset!
  • Try to avoid using “URL Equals” rules in your conditions – This type of rule can be very brittle because the user’s URL must EXACTLY match your entered value. We recommend using a “URL Contains” rule instead.
  • For our more advanced users, you can call DIGIOH_API.printConditionsOutput(229312) in the console (replacing the number with the short box ID) to see how conditions are being evaluated for a specific box.
  • You can use a Multivariate test to compare sets of conditions against each other; this can be helpful if you’re trying to determine if serving boxes more aggressively leads to better conversions.
  • If you are conditioning a box to fire based on the user’s time spent on a page, we recommend keeping the timer relatively short, no more than 5 seconds. If it’s any longer, you risk interrupting a user who is actively reading the page considerations should be taken when using Scroll Percentage rules – i.e., A box that is set to fire after a user has scrolled 50% of the page will likely be closed quickly as the user tries to get back to the content they were reading.

Cool Features:

  • If you are a super user with access to multiple accounts, you can easily copy lightboxes from one account to another! You can also do this in Push Planet!
  • If you have both Digioh and Push Planet, did you know you can embed our lightboxes in pages? This is a great way to engage with your customers and allows you to send them surveys and quizzes to guide them to the right product!
  • Digioh now offers Product Recommendation Quizzes! PRQs are a great way to collect data and drive sales, and our team will help you every step of the way from design to launch. Reach out to support@digioh.com if you’re interested in learning more!
  • We’re always releasing and updating our Digioh Apps, be sure to check in occasionally to see how you can make your boxes even better!