What are Rulesets?

A ruleset is a group of rules that can be added to a lightbox or widget as a single item. This is handy for storing commonly-used display conditions, allowing you to quickly add them to lightboxes and edit the rules for these lightboxes from a single place.

To create a ruleset, go to your Boxes page. Click Other Actions, then Rulesets.

digioh rulesets

Click New Ruleset

add new ruleset

You will be prompted to give your new ruleset a name. After giving it a name and saving it, it will show up on the rulesets page.

successful creation of a new ruleset

Click on the ruleset to add new rules to it. After adding your rules, click Save and Publish.

adding rules to your new ruleset

Go back to the Boxes page, and open the rules for one of your widgets. You’ll see the Rulesets option at the top of the list of rules.

Add the Ruleset rule to your widget, then select the ruleset you want to add.

adding the set to a lightbox

Your new ruleset is now up and running on a widget!

If you have any questions about rulesets, send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help!

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