Delay Box Displays on Same Page

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If two or more Boxes are eligible for display on the same pageview, then the highest priority box will display first, and then the 2nd box will show immediately when the 1st closes*. With many boxes and complex Conditions, this can be hard to control and may be a poor user experience.

* Assuming that the Master Rule “Allow multiple boxes to display simultaneously” is not enabled.

You can configure a display delay so that some or all Boxes will delay their display until a specific amount of time has passed since the last box was closed. Go to your profile menu top right, click “Custom JS (Apps)”, then find and install “Delay Box Display”.

When installed, you can configure metadata at the Box-level or Account-level to set the delay. Account-level metadata will apply to all Boxes in the account, but any Box-level configuration will override.

This configuration will ensure that the display of this Box is delayed for 5 seconds after a prior box was closed.

If no other Box has displayed on this pageview, or if it was closed more than 5 seconds ago, this box will display immediately.

When using boxqamode, this app will display helpful notifications.

Tip for Master Rules

This app gives fine grained control over Box display. With it you can enable the Master Rule “Allow multiple boxes to display simultaneously”, and control simultaneous or “separated” display at the box and/or account level.