What are Master Rules? How can I be sure visitors won’t be bombarded with boxes?

Many Digioh users run 5-10 targeted lightboxes boxes at a time.

However, you may still be worried that the same visitor might see multiple boxes.

That’s why Digioh provides Master Rules to prevent end visitors from seeing multiple boxes across your website.

To access Master Rules, go to the Boxes tab, click Other Actions, and Select Master Rules.

digioh lightbox master rules

What Does Each Master Rule Do? 

Limit to one lightbox per visitor
If your end visitor has EVER seen one of your lightboxes, they will never see any other lightboxes ever again.

In other words, if a visitor comes to your site, closes your lightbox, and then comes back 3 months later, they will never see any other boxes on your site again. We recommend you keep this one unchecked.

Limit to one lightbox per session
Once your end visitor sees a box, they will not see another one during that browser session. If the visitor sees a lightbox and then comes back after 3 days, they will see another box.

Limit to one lightbox per pageview
Your end visitor will not see 2 lightboxes during the same pageview. If you have 2 lightboxes targeting the same visitor, the topmost lightbox in your box list wins.

Do not show any more lightboxes after a form is submitted
Once a visitor submits any of your lightboxes, they will never see another lightbox again. This is good if you only have one list and just want the lead once.

Do not show any lightboxes to visitors whose cookies are disabled
This rule is on by default, and we highly recommend it. Our technology runs on cookies and local storage, so we don’t want to wildly fire boxes at the small minority of users who disable cookies (about 0.1% of browsers).

Ignore Master Rules for all “Inline” forms
Most Digioh users want the ability to show inline forms and a lightbox on the same pageview, so we recommend leaving this rule on if you use both inline forms and pop-up lightboxes on your site.

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