Tracking Digioh Box Interactions to Amplitude Analytics

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To track to Amplitude, first make sure that the Amplitude Browser SDK is deployed to your site alongside Digioh. Then, in the Digioh HQ, install the app “Amplitude Event Tracking (Plugin)” from your profile menu top right > Custom JS (Apps). After Publishing, Digioh will track standard events to your Amplitude instance.

Controlling the Amplitude Tracking App

The app, when installed, is on by default. If you want to suppress Amplitude tracking for a particular box (e.g. test boxes, or an inline that displays in your footer for every pageview), configure box-level metadata track_disable = 1:

Another configurable aspect of the app is the ability to explicitly track Conversions. Digioh will automatically track submissions and redirects, but these may not correspond to what you would define as a Box Conversion. For example, you might have a box with 3 separate forms, and you consider the user as Converted only on submitting the last form. Or, you might have redirect buttons for “I Agree” and “No Thanks”, and you want to track a Conversion only on one of them. To track Conversion events (see Data Model below for event detail), add metadata conversion=label to either a Box page or button:

If you want to track a conversion after a form has submitted attach the metadata to the following page(s). Don’t attach it to the submit button, because that will track immediately, before the form input is validated, and will result in false positive conversions. The main use case for conversion tracking on button clicks is for redirect URLs.

Working with the Amplitude App

For general troubleshooting and verification of Digioh Data sent to Amplitude on your site, we recommend the Amplitude Instrumentation Explorer Chrome Extension.

When Previewing Boxes in the Digioh HQ, and when using Digioh in boxqamode, the Amplitude Tracking app also notifies you of what it is doing (or would do, if in Preview):

Event Data Model

Amplitude is a named event-based system with arbitrary event properties. Events are sent to Amplitude consistent with the Digioh Standard Data Model for box interactions.

Custom Event Tracking

Coming soon!

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