What is Drop Off Reporting?

A drop off report is generated whenever the number of conversions or submissions on your account drops by over 80%.

Turning on drop off reports can be a great way to keep an eye out for potential issues with your account (for example if you change a rule or for some reason our javascript gets removed from your site). You will get no notification if a drop off doesn’t occur (so they are not annoying). To enable drop off reports, first head to the Account Settings page.

Then turn on drop off reporting, add at least one email address where the reports will be sent daily, and save your changes.

Here is a legend for understanding the Drop Off Report:
  • Conditions_This = Did This Box Change Conditions in the last 7 days (and get published)?
  • Conditions_Other = Did Other Box Conditions change in the account (and get published)?
  • Priority_This = Did the priority order change in the last 7 days (and get published)?
  • JS_7_Days = Has Custom JS been updated in the last 7 days (and then published)?
  • Publish_7_Days = Has the Account been Published in the last 7 days?
  • Green = Has the Box recovered from the dropoff?
  • Red = Has the Box NOT recovered from the dropoff?
  • Bold = Was the Box dropoff introduced today?

Top 4 Reasons Dropoffs Happen

  1. Our JavaScript was removed.
  2. Conditions/Rules were changed.
  3. You are using an HTML exists jQuery rule and that reference no longer exists on your site.
  4. There is custom code (Custom JavaScript) in your account that is preventing your boxes from firing.