What is Drop-Off Reporting?

Digioh can generate a drop-off report when the number of conversions or submissions on your account drops by over 80%. These reports can help you identify potential account issues with your account, including:

  • Our JavaScript was removed.
  • Conditions/Rules were changed.
  • You are using an HTML exists jQuery rule and that reference no longer exists on your site.
  • There is custom code (Custom JavaScript) in your account that is preventing your boxes from firing.

To enable drop-off reports, go to Account Settings.

Turn on drop-off reporting, add at least one email address to receive reports, and save your changes.

Note: Drop-off reports are sent daily, but you will only receive an email if a drop-off occurs.

Here is a legend for understanding the Drop-Off Report:
  • Conditions_This = Did This Box Change Conditions in the last 7 days (and get published)?
  • Conditions_Other = Did Other Box Conditions change in the account (and get published)?
  • Priority_This = Did the priority order change in the last 7 days (and get published)?
  • JS_7_Days = Has Custom JS been updated in the last 7 days (and then published)?
  • Publish_7_Days = Has the Account been Published in the last 7 days?
  • Green = Has the Box recovered from the drop-off?
  • Red = Has the Box NOT recovered from the drop-off?
  • Bold = Was the Box drop-off introduced today?