Edge-to-Edge: How to Make the Lightbox Background fit the Full Page Width

The Edge-to-Edge feature allows you to make the lightbox background fill the full width of your website. Some customers refer to this as “Full-Bleed”. As the background stretches horizontally, the rest of the lightbox remains centered.

Clients often use Edge-to-Edge feature for mobile lightboxes to create banners/sidebars that fill the entire top or bottom portion of the screen.

Edge-to-Edge FAQ

  • How do I preview Edge-to-Edge? Click “Preview on a Blank Site” under “Save & Preview.”
  • Are background images stretched horizontally? Only If you select “Stretch” in the “Background” section, under “Repeat.”
  • Are there best practices for using Edge-to-Edge?¬†Only use Edge-to-Edge for Banner, Sidebar, and Inline lightbox types. Limit the maximum height of Edge to Edge lightboxes to 125 for mobile and 150 for desktop/tablet.

Watch the video to see how you can use the Edge-to-Edge feature to create a full-bleed lightbox background.

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