What does Edge to Edge do or how can I make the background fit the entire width of the page?

The Edge-to-Edge feature allows you to make the lightbox background fill the full width of your website. Some customers refer to this as “Full Bleed”. As the background stretches horizontally, the rest of the lightbox remains centered.

Clients often use Edge-to-Edge feature for mobile lightboxes to create banners/sidebars that fill the entire top or bottom portion of the screen.

Edge-to-Edge FAQ

  • How do I preview Edge-to-Edge? Click “Preview on a Blank Site” under “Save & Preview.”
  • Are background images stretched horizontally? Only If you select “Stretch” in the “Background” section, under “Repeat.”
  • Are there best practices for using Edge-to-Edge?¬†Only use Edge-to-Edge for Banner, Sidebar, and Inline lightbox types. Limit the maximum height of Edge to Edge lightboxes to 125 for mobile and 150 for desktop/tablet.

Edge-to-Edge works extremely well on inline and banner widgets, but you can use it on any widget type.