Selected Button Count Validation

Digioh App Marketplace

When using select buttons on a page with a form submission, there may be cases where the number of buttons selected needs to be limited and validated before the form is submitted.  In order to do this, simply use the Selected Button Count Validation App.

To start, install the Selected Button Count Validation App in your Digioh Account.

Configure the app with page-level metadata; use ‘validate_btn_count’ as the key.

For the value, there are a couple of configurations:

  • For a range of selected buttons with a min and a max amount, enter minmax as the value, for instance ‘5-7’
  • For a specific number of selected buttons, enter the number of buttons, for instance ‘5’

When a user submits the form on this page, the app will make sure that the user has selected buttons in the appropriate range (in this example, between 5 to 7 buttons).  If the amount of buttons selected is outside of the specified range, the app will stop the form from submitting and alert the user.

To customize the alert shown to users, configure page-level metadata with the key ‘validate_btn_msg’ and add the desired alert as the value:

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