How to Capture More Emails with Dynamic Lightboxes

Showing targeted offers to each visitor is an effective way to increase email sign-ups. By adding dynamic content to your lightboxes, you can ensure that each visitor sees the most relevant offer.

Dynamic Coupon Lightboxes

Instead of showing everyone the same coupon code, dynamic lightboxes adapt to each website visitor to display a code or promotional offer specific to them.

Some examples of how Digioh’s eCommerce customers are using dynamic coupon lightboxes to increase signups include:

  1. Show product- or category-specific coupons: the coupon displays the relevant discount for each product (or category). If you offer a range of discounts on your site, this is a great way to display the correct offer for each product/category.
  2. Display a free shipping coupon for qualified products. This is a good way to draw attention to your free shipping offer.
  3. Increase order value by recommending complementary products based on shopping cart items.
  4. Offer a coupon based on cart value/price. If you offer tiered discounts (eg 10% for orders over $50, 15% off for orders over $100), you can use dynamic lightboxes to display the right coupon based on your visitor’s shopping cart total.
  5. One-time-use coupons. By using dynamic coupon codes, you can show each website visitor or IP address a unique coupon code. This prevents coupon abuse and fraud.

Learn how to set up coupon codes in your Digioh account.

Learn how to add dynamic coupon codes to your lightboxes.

Dynamic Text Replacement

For publishing & media sites, showing visitors the newsletter offer most relevant to their interests can lead to more conversions.

With Digioh’s dynamic text replacement, you don’t have to create a separate pop-up for each newsletter or website topic. Instead, you can add dynamic content to your lightboxes that replaces the text in your newsletter CTA based on how your article is tagged. You can also customize your signup form with dynamic content based on URL parameters or jQuery selectors.

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