How To Set Up A Braze Preference Center

With a custom preference center, you can allow your email subscribers to select what kind of emails they receive, choose how often they receive emails, and even pause all email communication for a set amount of time. If you have a Push Planet account, you can use it to create a preference page that integrates with Braze.

To create a Braze Email Preference Center, complete the following steps:

1) Setting up a Custom Domain

While this is optional, setting up a custom domain (like builds trust with users who visit your preference center. For more information, see “How to Set up Your Custom Domain”.

2) Designing Your Preference Center

Once logged into Push Planet, you can select from one of our existing Preference Center themes, or create your own page from scratch. Check out our themes here.

Our team can also design a page for you. Send us your fonts, colors, text, and header/footer, and our team will design a page that matches your brand. You can also send us a Figma file or other mockup.

3) Integrating With Braze

Our team will set up the integration for you. To start, send us your Braze API key and your URL instance (see additional infomation in Braze’s API documentation). Also, let us know which list/sub-group each checkbox on the preference center should be mapped to. 

4) Configuring Your Preference Center Checkboxes

Send us a list of which Braze lists should correspond with each checkbox on your preference center and we’ll take care of this part for you!

5) Testing

After configuring your preference center, you can check that it’s working by testing whether an email address exists in Braze. Follow these steps to see how the preference center will look for emails in your database.

6) Adding Your Preference Center Link to Braze

The final step is to add the URL for the preference center to your Braze emails. We recommend a link in your email footer. 

If you have any questions send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help!