How to Make Your Entire Lightbox a Click-Through Action

Sometimes, instead of just allowing visitors to click a button, you may want your entire lightbox to be a click-through action.

Set this up by following the steps below:

  1. Open the buttons tab on the “Main Page” of your Form.digioh editor
  2. Grab the button and stretch it out (it helps to move it towards the center of the lightbox). Extend it to cover the full area of the lightbox.stretch the button to cover the entire lightboxbutton in the digioh editor being stretched across the lightboxfull lightbox button
  3. Remove any button text (in this example, ‘Click Here’).remove button text
  4. Make the button transparent by selecting the “color” dropdown menu in “Background -ALL” AND remove the button border by selecting the “style” dropdown menu in “Border-ALL”.
  5. This is what your lightbox will look like. The entire area is now clickable! 

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