Digioh Connect – Pipelines


A pipeline is a set of tasks that are executed in a specific order. Tasks can have conditions that determine whether they should run or not. They can also have sub-tasks that are only run if the parent task runs successfully to completion.

Pipeline Tasks:

Each task has two main fields

  • Name
  • Task Type

– Name:

Set the name according to the task purpose

– Task Type:

These are the currently available task types. New task types are routinely added. See details about tasks here: Connect Pipelines and Available Tasks

  • Delay
    • waits a configured duration before executing the next task in the pipeline
  • Http Request
    • Perform an Http Request to another service. This can use configured integrations for authentication.
  • Iterable API
    • Perform a function against the Iterable API such as updating a user, tracking a custom event, or updating a catalog item
  • Map Data
    • Map fields from input data into different fields as output data. Can also perform transforms on the data.
  • Merge Data
    • Merge the results of multiple tasks into a single item
  • Render Template
    • Render a Handlebars, Liquid, or Scriban template
  • Salesforce Create Object
    • Create an object in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Get Object
    • Retrieve an object by Id in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Query
    • Query salesforce for one or more records
  • Salesforce Update Object
    • Update an object by Id in Salesforce
  • Send to the pipeline
    • Send data from this pipeline to another pipeline for further processing
  • Shopify
    • Perform a function against the Shopify API such as Get Customer By Id, Get Order, Get Product
  • Snowflake
    • Query Snowflake for one or more records
  • Task Notification
    • Send a notification to a supplied list of email addresses
  • Transform Data
    • Transform data to fix errors or ensure proper format for destination.
    • Available transforms:
      • Phone to E.164 format
      • Remove Non Alpha Characters
      • Remove Non Numeric Characters
      • Remove Html Tags
      • Convert to Lower Case
      • Convert to Upper Case
      • Convert to Title Case
      • URL Encode
      • URL Decode
      • HTML Encode
      • HTML Decode
      • Date Time and Seconds (yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss)
      • Sortable Date Time with Offset ((yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss +-hh:mm)
      • Date (yyyy-MM-dd)
      • Date Slashes (MM/dd/yyyy)
      • Replace
      • Prepend
      • Append
      • Convert to boolean (true/false)
      • Convert to Integer (123)
      • Convert to to Float (123.45)
  • Yotpo
    • Perform a function against the Yotpo API such as Create Or Update Customer, Create Subscriber, Product Star Rating, and more


Pipeline Activity: 

Activity Shows the number of tasks that are executed in the last

  • 6 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 90 days



In the Activity section, we have logs that show the details of each pipeline item’s execution. Logs are temporary and are not retained. They can be useful for troubleshooting pipeline issues.

Pipeline Configs:

  • Notifications: 

You can enter a comma separated list of emails to send pipeline failures to.

  • Hook URLS:

Hooks are web endpoints that can be used as webhook URLs. They facilitate integration with partners to receive data in real-time to be processed by the pipeline. They can also be used to integration with Digioh Box submissions to send form data right into a Digioh Pipeline.