Connecting GA4 to Digioh

The Digioh HQ provides reporting using your GA4 data. To do this, we need several Custom Dimensions and at least one Custom Audience.

In order to create these Custom Dimensions, your GA user needs at least the Editor role. If you do not have this role, you will need to have someone who does connect to Digioh, or have them create the dimensions manually in GA4.

connect google analytics 4 to digioh

GA4 has a maximum of 50 custom dimensions and 50 custom audiences. If you get an error saying “maximum resource limit”, then you’ll need to archive dimensions or audiences as applicable to make room.

Digioh custom dimensions in GA4 are very important. Digioh sends a wide range of useful data to GA for boxes and quizzes, but without the dimensions, GA4 will simply throw that data away. Custom Dimensions are not retroactive in GA4, so the sooner you create them the better.

To create GA4 Audiences from Digioh, you need at least the Marketer role.