Migrating Digioh Event Tracking from Google Analytics Universal to GA4

Google Analytics Universal (GA3) will no long track from your site starting July 1st 2023.

Assuming that your Digioh Boxes are tracking events to GA3 and you want to continue tracking to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) you need to take action.

1. Install the GA4 Tracking App.

This may have already have the GA4 app installed, in which case proceed to step 2. In the Digioh HQ, profile menu top right, pick “Custom JS (Apps)”. Then find and install “Google Analytics 4 Event Tracking (Plugin)”. If you can’t find it, check the “Installed” tab to see if you already have it installed.

2. Create Custom Dimensions in GA4

Digioh integration with GA4 is based on events and properties. To use the Digioh event properties for analysis, you need to “wrap” them in a Custom Dimension.

In GA4 go to Admin then Custom Definitions and create dimensions for each of the event properties listed below.

Make sure to set the scope to “Event”, and to set dimension name the same as the property name.

  • digioh_box_name
  • digioh_box_page
  • digioh_collected_email
  • digioh_collected_phone
  • digioh_box_redirect_domain
  • digioh_box_redirect_path
  • digioh_box_conversion_type
  • digioh_box_conversion_button

If you are using Digioh Quizzes, more data is available, add these dimensions too:

  • digioh_quiz_conversion_action
  • digioh_quiz_question
  • digioh_quiz_answer
  • digioh_quiz_result_1
  • digioh_quiz_result_2
  • digioh_quiz_result_3
  • digioh_quiz_result_4

For more information about these event properties, see:

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