Automatically submit email for known users

A visitor came to your website and joined a newsletter. Now, you want to show another box but don’t want to ask for their email address again.

Box JS Before Submit

if( DIGIOH_COOKIE.set('digioh_latest_email',;
var digioh_latest_email = DIGIOH_COOKIE.get('digioh_latest_email');
if (digioh_latest_email && ! { = digioh_latest_email 
return x; //must return the form data object to submit

On all form submissions, Digioh will store the users email they used to subscribe. Then for other forms (without an email field), it will automatically submit the stored email.

Note that you may need to coordinate the box rules to “know” that the user has already submitted. You can have boxes with a rule Cookie Exists digioh_latest_email, and these boxes do not need an email form field.

If you need help setting this up, we’re here to help! Send us an email.