Automatically Clear Data Layer on Specific Box Pages

Digioh App Marketplace

You can configure specific pages to automatically and immediately clear the data layer. This might be useful if you are directing users from the last page of the lightbox back to the beginning and want to clear their previously submitted data.

Well there’s an app for that. Head over to the profile menu, top right, and select Custom JS (Apps). Then install App #59 Form Auto Submit and Clear Data Layer.

You can then configure page level metadata to trigger the clearing of the data layer when that page is shown. If you are unfamiliar with Digioh metadata, read this article first.

The metadata command key for this app is “datalayer”.

You can set the values to the following:

  • “clear_all” this will clear all of the data layer
  • “clear_custom” to only clear custom data layer values. This will leave the core elements that were entered which can include:
    • Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Opt In





This app can also be used to automatically submit a form on specific pages:

Automatically Submit Forms on Specific Box Pages or Input Change