How to Set up an iPost Preference Center

By setting up a custom preference center, you can allow your iPost email subscribers to choose what emails they receive, how often they receive them, and if they want to pause all email communication for a set amount of time. To create an iPost Email Preference Center in your Push Planet account, complete the following steps:

1) (Optional) Set up your custom domain.

While this is optional, setting up a custom domain (like builds trust with users who visit your preference center. For more information, see “How to Set up Your Custom Domain”.

2) Design your preference center.

Once logged into Push Planet, select one of our existing Preference Center themes, or create your own page from scratch. Check out our themes here.

Our team can also design a page for you. Send us your fonts, colors, text, and header/footer, and our team will design a page that matches your brand. You can also send us a Figma file or other mockup.

3) Add your iPost integration.

To create your iPost Integration, click the Integration tab and select +New Integration. You can also access the Create New Integration page directly here.

Set your integration’s friendly name, select “iPost” from the dropdown, and if desired, select which page you wish to integrate. On the next page, enter the following information:

  • Your iPost Username
  • Your iPost Password
  • Your iPost Client Token
  • Your iPost URL Instance
  • Your iPost List ID (optional)
  • Your iPost Journey ID (optional)
  • Your iPost DataTable ID (optional) 

TIP: You can find all this information in your iPost account. To see your client token in iPost, select Settings > Client. You can verify your URL instance by looking at the URL in your browser’s address bar while logged in.

4) Set up the checkboxes.

Send us a list of which iPost lists should correspond with each checkbox on your preference center, and our team will configure your checkboxes to match.

5) Test the Preference Center.

Follow the steps here to see how the preference center would look like for emails in your database.

6) Add the Preference Center link to your iPost emails.

Make sure your iPost subscribers can access your preference center by linking to it in your iPost emails. We recommend a link in the footer. 

If you have any questions send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help!