How To Get Multiple Widgets To Show At The Same Time

If you’d like to show multiple lightboxes, sidebars, and banners at the same time, follow these instructions.

First, head to the Master Rules page:

Then tick the checkbox labelled “Allow multiple boxes to be displayed simultaneously” and save your changes.

This rule is turned off by default because showing too many widgets at once can cause the screen to feel cluttered, resulting in a bad user experience. Before enabling this rule, we recommend looking over the rules on your widgets to see which ones would be eligible to show at the same time. If you find widgets that have overlapping rules, and you want to either keep some of them from showing at the same time as others or just limit how often some of them show to minimize potential clutter, use the following suggestions.

Consider adding Current Page URL rules to some of your widgets. By limiting your widgets to specific pages or sections of your site, you can keep your visitors from seeing too many widgets on a single page.

You may also want to add a Max Displays Per Visitor rule to some of your widgets. This rule will ensure the user only sees the widget a fixed number of times. If you’re running a widget that shows a one-time message, like a cookie policy notice, this rule will keep it from showing after the user has seen it the specified number of times. That way, your one-time message won’t run alongside other widgets regularly.

Make sure each widget has a Max Displays Per Session Equals 1 rule on it.

If you have a lot of widgets in your account, please be aware that turning this master rule on could result in unexpected behavior. When this rule is turned off, when two widgets are set to show at the same time, the one higher up on the list on the Boxes page will take priority, and no others will show. Turning this master rule on removes that prioritization, and allows all widgets that can show on a given page to show up.

If you have any questions about this master rule, or about evaluating the rules on your widgets, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!