Use Rules Recipes To Copy Conditions Via URL

If you want to use the same set of rules across multiple lightboxes, we have a quick and easy way to copy your rules from one lightbox to another using a custom URL. You’ll need the boxID for the source lightbox, as well as the destination lightbox. The boxID for each lightbox can be found in the list of your lightboxes to the left of the name of the lightbox. It is the 6-digit ID.

Once you have your boxIDs the rest is easy! Copy this URL into your favorite text editor:

Then replace 111111 with the boxID for the source lightbox, and replace 222222 with the boxID for the destination lightbox. When your done, the URL should look something like the example below

Example 1 (copy to single box):

You can also copy the rules from one lightbox to multiple lightboxes. Just seperate the target boxIDs with a comma. Take a look at the example below to see it in action.

Example 2 (copy to multiple boxes):,345678,976543

Once the URL is set up, paste it into your browser, and hit enter, and your rules will be copied!

*note 1:  The existing conditions for all target boxes will be completely overwritten!

*note 2:  Auto URL replacement is in effect for the rules being copied.  this is based on the URL from the account profile.  Only the “host” portion of the URL is replaced in the conditions (ignores “https://” and anything after “/” or “?” or “#” at the end of the URL, so for example would use just “” as the “host” and would use just “” as the “host”).  URL replacement only runs if both the source and target accounts have profile URLs setup.  otherwise, URLs are copied from the source conditions as is.