How To Add A Dropdown Menu To Your Lightbox

Follow these instructions to add a dropdown menu to your lightbox.

email capture lightbox with a dropdown menu

Step 1

Select one of the custom fields from the field menu in the form section of the editor.

add custom form fields to your lightbox

Step 2

Turn the field on, and set the Field Type to Dropdown.

select the dropdown form field type

Step 3

The submitted value is the value recorded in the Submissions section of our analytics, and that gets sent through your integration. The display text is the text that will show in the lightbox.

create the values and display text for your dropdown menu items

In the above screenshot, the user will see “Select an option” in the drop-down menu. When they submit the form, the value “none” is recorded.

Step 4

Add additional entries to the dropdown using the green + icon.

click the green button to add additional dropdown items

To remove an option, use the red – button.

click the red button to remove dropdown items

If you need help setting up a dropdown menu, send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help!

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