How do Geolocation Rules Work?

Digioh’s Conditions Editor allows you to set geotargeting options for your lightboxes and pop-up forms.

What are geolocation rules?

Geolocation rules show or suppress widgets/lightboxes based on Continent, State, City, Zip, Area Code, and/or IP Address.

How does Digioh find geolocation?

We find geolocation by matching your IP address to a database that links IP address to geographic locations.

Why is my geolocation rule not working?

There are several reasons geolocation rules may not work:

  1. You use a VPN or proxy that is in a location different than where you currently are.
  2. You use security software that is hiding your IP address.
  3. Your IP Address is not yet in our partner’s list of location-matched IP addresses.

What are the different types of geolocation rules?

Country Rule: shows the lightbox to users in a specific country.

This rule is great for displaying one set of promotions to international visitors, and another to domestic visitors. You can create a separate lightbox for each country you want to show a specific promo to, such as “Free Shipping in the United States!” By pairing the country rule with the browser language targeting rule, you can create multilingual lightboxes that display targeted CTAs in a visitor’s default language.

City Rule: checks the visitor’s city against the value you set so you can show lightboxes to visitors based on their city.

The city rule is great for getting people to come to your local events, store, or restaurant. You can also show a specific lightbox in cities where certain promotions, such as in-store pick-up, are available.

State Rule: sets the lightbox to show to visitors from a specific state.

The state rule lets you show messages about how your service can help them in their state. You can say “#1 Rated Service in Alaska” for people only in Alaska and “#1 Rated Service in California” for people only in California.

Zip Code Rule: shows a lightbox to a user with either the full or partial zip code of your choice.

If you run a local business in a major metropolitan area, you can use this rule to show messages or promotions to nearby customers.

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