What does the “Conversions” section in Analytics provide?

Digioh Analytics Conversions Overview
This section allows you to evaluate the overall performance of a lightbox or multiple lightboxes. You can assess lightbox performance against other lightboxes and benchmarks you’ve set.
1. Login and Click on “Analytics”
2. Click “Conversions”
After clicking “Conversions” you can use this section to see Pageview, Impression and Submission data by lightbox or by all lightboxes. You have the ability to filter by lightbox and date range.
  • Pageviews = Number of Times that your website is loaded (regardless of how many times your lightbox shows up)
  • Impressions = Number of Times your Lightbox is displayed
  • Submissions = Number of Times someone enters their info into your lightbox
  • Redirects = Number of time a button that goes to a link is clicked on