What does each item in the “Analytics” section do?

Digioh Analytics Overview

Section 1: Analytics Summary

This section provides a lifetime overview of account performance in a line graph or pie chart.

  • The line chart shows submissions over time. Hover over the line chart to view submission breakdown by day. Click on “Submissions” to view the chart by “Impressions” or “Pageviews” by week.
  • The pie chart shows overall submission percentages by different variables. Click on Web Source to select a different variable for the pie chart to report. Hovering on each section of the pie chart provides more data on that particular section of the pie chart.

Submissions by Lightbox

This provides lightbox names and submission data for the current week, the previous week, two full weeks prior, and all-time. It’s worth noting that “Previous Week” contains the last two full weeks prior.

Submissions by Geography

This shows overall submissions across the globe. The country in green is the country with the most submissions. Hover over each country to see submissions. Note that countries shaded in brown have submissions and those shaded in off-white have no submissions.

Section 2: Submissions

This is the screen you see when you click “Submissions” from the analytics section.

This section provides email, web source, geolocation, and date of lead for each submission collected. Note that you can filter by lightbox name and/or date range by selecting a lightbox name and/or date range to the left of the search button. Also, you have the ability to look at submission data for individual lightboxes or all lightboxes by selecting “ALL LIGHTBOXES.”

The advanced “Submissions” section can be accessed by clicking on “Advanced” in the Submissions section.

Use this section to filter and display submission data captured for each submission. You have the option of filtering the report within our Analytics UI or having all of the submission data emailed in a CSV file. Use this file to filter and manipulate data in spreadsheet or database software.

To filter within the UI:
  1. Select a lightbox or all lightboxes.
  2. Select a date range.
  3. Click the dropdown under the search box and select the data to include in the report. To unselect data, hold the shift button and click the data point.
  4. Once all report parameters are set, click the refresh button to the right of search.
To download a report:
  1. Select a lightbox and a date range.
  2. Click “Export to CSV.”
  3. Enter the email address to send the file to. Note that the file can take up to 30 minutes to be delivered to your inbox.

Section 3: Conversions

Click “Conversions” to see Pageview, Impression, and Submission data. You can filter by lightbox and date range.