Multivariate Testing

When setting up a multivariate test, you can use our traffic controls to set the percentage of your test group that will be eligible to see each widget. This is a great way to test different offers on different sample sizes of your visitors.

When setting up an MV test, you’ll see an option for the overall traffic percentage, and the percentage for widgets within the test:

The overall traffic percent determines the percentage of your traffic that will be eligible to see widgets in the test.

The traffic percent value for each widget in the test determines the percentage of those visitors eligible to see the test will see that individual widget.


Tests are persistent at the visitor level. Meaning a visitor will be tied to a particular Box within the MV (or AB Test), for the entirety of the MV or AB Test duration timeframe.

For example, let’s say you have an MV Test with “Box A” versus “Box B”. A visitor comes to the site and sees “Box A”. That visitor will only continue to see “Box A” as long as the MV Test is running. They will not be shown “Box B” at all, once they are tied to “Box A


If you have any questions about setting up an MV test, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!