Multivariate Testing

With Digioh, you can go beyond A/B testing to perform multivariate tests of your pop-up forms and lightboxes.

Setting up a Multivariate Test with Traffic Controls

When creating a multivariate test, you can use traffic controls to set the percentage of your test group that can see each widget. This allows you to test different boxes on different sample sizes of your visitors.

As you set up your multivariate test, you’ll see options for overall traffic percentage and percentages for boxes within the test: The overall traffic percent determines the percentage of traffic that is eligible to see boxes in the test. The traffic percent value for each box in the test determines the percentage of those visitors eligible to see that individual box.

multivariate testing for lightboxes and pop-ups in Digioh

Tips: If you want to run a Multivariate Test that includes evaluating the performance of a box being present or not, you can do this using the 1×1 Pixel Theme. To do so, create this a new box using the 1×1 Pixel Theme (located under the Custom category). This will automatically create a box that is essentially invisible which you can then use in your test.

Multivariate Testing Persistence

Tests are persistent at the visitor level. This means visitors are tied to a particular Box for the duration of your test.

Let’s say you test “Box A” versus “Box B.” A visitor comes to the your and sees Box A. That visitor will only see Box A as long as the test is running. In other words, once visitors are tied to Box A, they will not see Box B.

Have any questions about A/B or multivariate testing? Send us an email, and we’ll be glad to help!

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