Self Service Client FAQs

Congrats, you’ve launched! Since you opted into the Self Service route, you’ve now transitioned to our General Support team!

Below are some common FAQs for the Self Service Route:

  • How can I be best equipped to implement everything on my own?
    To give you as many resources as possible to manage the platform on your own, please set up some time for an in-depth training with Mike here. We highly recommend this step to avoid any confusion and allow for the best experience in the platform.
  • What can the General Support team help me with?
    Moving forward, our General Support team will be able to answer one-off questions. You can request extra training sessions for new team members, and Support can point you to help documentation anytime. You also have this great help resource here:
  • I changed my mind or no longer have the bandwidth to implement everything in the platform, can I get your team to help?
    If at any time you want more hands-on help and want to add Managed Services (where our team implements everything for you), set up a call with Rishi to learn more about our offerings.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.