PRQ Scoring logic breakdown

Product recommendation quiz scoring logic:

Define the scoring criteria for each answer choice:
For each question, assign a score to each answer choice. This score will determine which product recommendation is the best fit for the user based on their total score.
For example, if the user is asked a question about their budget and the answer choices are “less than $100”, “between $100 and $500”, and “more than $500”, you might assign the following scores:

  • “less than $100”: 1 point
  • “between $100 and $500”: 2 points
  • “more than $500”: 3 points

Calculate the user’s score category-wise:

For each category (e.g. price, features, ease of use), add up the scores for all the questions in that category. This will give you a total score for each category.
For example, if the user answered three questions about price, and their answers were “less than $100”, “less than $100”, and “between $100 and $500”, you would calculate their total score for the price category as follows:

  • “less than $100”: 1 point
  • “less than $100”: 1 point
  • “between $100 and $500”: 2 points

Total score for price category: 4 points

Calculate the user’s total score:

Add up the user’s scores for each category to get their total score.
For example, if the user answered questions about price, features, and ease of use, and their scores for each category were as follows:

  • Price: 4 points
  • Features: 6 points
  • Ease of use: 3 points
  • Total score: 13 points

Determine the product recommendation based on the user’s total score:

Based on the user’s total score, recommend a product that best fits their needs. You can define score ranges for each product, and recommend the product that corresponds to the user’s total score.
For example, if you have three product recommendations:

  • Product A: total score range of 1-5 points
  • Product B: total score range of 6-10 points
  • Product C: total score range of 11-15 points

If the user’s total score is 13 points, recommend Product C as the best fit for their needs.

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