How to Use the Digioh AI Headline Generator

Come up with multiple headlines for your Digioh boxes on the fly with AI. The Digioh AI Headline Generator empowers you to generate relevant headline text for your widgets.

Step 1: Click on AI Headline Generator (Text 1)

The AI Headline Generator link is found just above the input for the Text 1 Field. Once you’ve located it, click on the link AI Headline Generator button to launch the tool.


Step 2: Enter Your Site and Box Info

Fill out the fields to help the AI Headline Generator understand more about your website and the box you’re currently editing.

Note: Website URL, Website Type, Website Description are all required fields.
Box description is optional, but can help to generate more specific headlines and CTA’s.

Step 3: Generate AI Headlines

Click the “Generate AI Headlines” Button to get a list of recommended headlines for your box.

Note: Depending on the type of website you choose (eCommerce, B2B, Publisher/Content Site, Other) you may get “Offer Headlines” that include a discount or free trial as an extra incentive to sign up.

Step 4: Click Apply + Close

Click Apply and close the AI Headline Generator window.

Step 5: Update Your Design as Needed

The copy may be longer than the text originally in Text 1, so you may have to make some adjustments to the design.

You may want to split up your headline into 2 separate text fields to break up long copy.

We recommend setting up A/B Tests or multivariate tests to try out your headlines and see which ones convert the highest.