How To Set Up A Form On A Page

Follow these steps to get a form up and running on your page.

First, add some fields. To do this, go to the Fields tab

The add a field

After adding the field, be sure to configure the Friendly Name, and the Key Name.

The Friendly Name can be anything you want. In most cases, you’ll want to leave the key name as-is, however, if you’re setting up an email field, you’ll want to set it to “email”.

Once you have your fields set up, add a button.

Set the click action to Submit Form

Next, head to the Form tab, and add a new form. Set the After Form Submit action to whatever you’d like (in most cases this will be “show thank you page”).

Now assign each of your fields to the form you created

And then assign your submit button to the form

Your new form is now up and running! If you have any questions about setting up a form on a page, send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!