How to Locate Responses for Lightboxes and Surveys

Surveys are a fantastic way to gather insights from your audience and Digioh LightBoxes make creating and sending surveys a breeze! Once your surveys have been gathering data, the next step is to understand how to access and review the responses inside Digioh. 

Step 1: Gather your survey details. You’ll need:
  • The six digit Box ID

  •   The Custom Fields that the box uses

Step 2: Get to Subscriber Data under The Reporting Tab

Reporting>Subsriber Data

Step 3: Go to Advanced

Advance Option

Step 4: Select your box and desired time frame


Step 5: Select Your Custom Field(s) that you want to include in the report.


Step 6: Hit Search

Search Button

Step 7: The submissions will be displayed.

You can also hit ‘Export Custom’ to have a .csv file of the results sent to your email.

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