How To Find Out Why A Widget Didn’t Show Up

If you don’t see a Digioh widget when you expect to, there is an easy way to find out why.

First, open the DevTools by pressing the F12 key, and head to the Console section.

Enter the following: DIGIOH_API.printConditionsOutput(XXXXXX); where “XXXXXX” would be replaced with the six-digit box ID for the widget you’re testing.

After hitting enter, you’ll see a notice on whether the widget’s rules passed, and a breakdown of each rule. You can use this info to figure out why the widget didn’t show up.

In the example above, the lightbox didn’t show up because the current page URL rule with the “?test” value wasn’t satisfied.

We’re always glad to help if you still can’t figure out why a widget failed to show. Send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!