How to Create a HubSpot Private App

Follow these steps to create a private app in HubSpot.

1. Log into your Hubspot account.

2. Navigate to the Settings page by clicking the icon in the main navigation bar.

3. From the left sidebar menu, go to Integrations > Private Apps.

4. Click Create a private app.

5. On the Basic Info tab, configure the details of your app.

  • Enter your app’s name (for example, Digioh).
  • Optionally, upload a square image that will serve as the logo for your app.
  • Enter a description for your app, e.g. Capture Leads from Digioh.

6.. Click the Scopes tab.

8. After selecting your scopes, click Create app in the top-right. You can always make changes to your app after you create it.

9. After creating your private app, you can make API requests using its access token. On the Details tab of your private app’s settings page, click Show token under your access token to reveal it. Copy this token.

We need this token to complete your setup. You can use to safely send it to us.